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This Week's In Focus Institution Is Iowa State
In Focus 04/27/2015

Iowa State University will be spotlighted in a series of feature stories this week on ISU was established in 1858 in Ames, Iowa, and boasts an enrollment of 34,732.

Baylor Student Athlete Spotlight: Hayley Davis
In Focus 04/24/2015

Throughout her time at Baylor, Davis has earned numerous honors for her success in the classroom and on the golf course. Those accomplishments, as well as her willingness to listen, is what has made her an influential leader for the Lady Bears.

Baylor Student Athlete Spotlight: Theron Kay
In Focus 04/23/2015

Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach were all famous composers, but were not often mentioned in the same breath as baseball. Baylor pitcher and music composition major Theron Kay might just be out to reverse that trend.

West Virginia Student Athlete Spotlight: Ross Vance
In Focus 04/17/2015

West Virginia University's left-handed pitcher Ross Vance has mastered his mental game through his journeys as a baseball player.

West Virginia Student Athlete Spotlight: Sydney Scott
In Focus 04/16/2015

For Sydney Scott, approaching that steep hill on the cross country course or that final straightaway on the track isn't in the slightest bit intimidating.

West Virginia Student Athlete Spotlight: Rachel Cokeley
In Focus 04/15/2015

It's an age-old story. A high school senior signs a letter of intent to a collegiate athletic program. The next year, she continues her career in a sport of her choice.

West Virginia Student Athlete Spotlight: Hailey Barrett
In Focus 04/14/2015

The old cliché ‘do what you love and it won't feel like work,' is actually a reality for junior tennis player Hailey Barrett. Barrett stumbled into tennis at age five and quickly found a love for the game that still exists to this day.

Texas Tech Student Athlete Spotlight: Anthony Lyons
In Focus 04/10/2015

Texas Tech outfielder Anthony Lyons attended the historic NCAA Convention earlier this year as one of three student-athlete representatives from the Big 12.

Texas Tech Student Athlete Spotlight: Matias Dominguez
In Focus 04/09/2015

It is the hallowed ground of golf. It is a course that has been played by the best of the best but conquered by few.

Texas Tech Student Athlete Spotlight: Kristi Belshe
In Focus 04/08/2015

Change is something that has become familiar to Texas Tech senior Kristi Belshe throughout her collegiate softball career.

Texas Tech Student Athlete Spotlight: Le'Tristan Pledger
In Focus 04/07/2015

For Le'Tristan Pledger, track is something that runs in the family.

TCU Student Athlete Spotlight: Mitchell Traver
In Focus 04/03/2015

Coming out of high school in 2012, right handed-starter Mitchell Traver was a highly recruited prospect. Decorated with accolades Traver signed with TCU hoping to continue his successes at the next level. These dreams however had to be put on hold.