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Student Athlete Spotlight: Spencer Roth
In Focus 10/30/2014

Spencer Roth was not well known until this season, but the Bears have relied on him for much longer.

Baylor University Student Athlete Spotlight: Tatyanna Lewis
In Focus 10/29/2014

Lewis's journey toward deciding on Baylor proved more difficult than both coach and player anticipated.

Baylor Student Athlete Spotlight: Katie Staiger
In Focus 10/28/2014

For Baylor redshirt freshman Katie Staiger, sports have been a huge part of her life from a young age. Luckily for the Baylor coaching staff, volleyball was the one that stuck with Staiger.

This Week's In Focus Institution Is Baylor
In Focus 10/27/2014

Baylor University will be spotlighted in a series of feature stories this week on BU was established in 1845 in Waco, Texas, and boasts an enrollment of 15,364.

West Virginia Student Athlete Spotlight: Michael Molinari
In Focus 10/23/2014

You've heard it a million times. A student-athlete's life is non-stop. From early morning treatments and weight-lifting programs, to being a full-time student and not leaving Milan Puskar Stadium until after sunset, long days are not unfamiliar.

West Virginia Student Athlete Spotlight: Amanda Hill
In Focus 10/22/2014

Amanda Hill found everything she was looking for at West Virginia: A team, family and success on and of the pitch.

West Virginia Student Athlete Spotlight: Lamprini Konstantinidou
In Focus 10/21/2014

West Virginia's Lamprini Konstantinidou is has arrived on the collegiate volleyball scene with the help of her teammates and coach.

Texas Tech Student Athlete Spotlight: Jakeem Grant
In Focus 10/16/2014

Grant's ability to overcome adversity is a skill the entire Texas Tech program will need to utilize this season.

Texas Tech Student Athlete Spotlight:Jaelene Hinkle
Soccer 10/15/2014

Like most athletes, as a child, the Denver, Colorado native would watch the U.S. national team on TV and wish to be just like them.

Texas Tech Student Athlete Spotlight: Lauren Douglass
Volleyball 10/14/2014

The Texas Tech volleyball athlete got her first game time in her third season, after redshirting her freshman year, and sitting out a year after transferring from Ole Miss. And she isn't taking this time for granted.

Texas Student Athlete Spotlight: John Harris
In Focus 10/09/2014

John Harris' career at Texas might have gotten off to a slow start, but the work the fifth-year wide receiver has put in is finally beginning to pay off.

Texas Student Athlete Spotlight: Olivia Brook
In Focus 10/08/2014

After 97 minutes of play on a recent Friday night at Mike A. Myers Stadium in Austin, Texas, the stage was set for heroics.