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Baylor Student-Athlete Spotlight: Gianna and Lucy Quintana
November 24, 2009

By Sean Doerre
Big 12 Correspondent

They play the same sport and share the same clothes. They like the same food; they're are roommates. With those similarities it's no surprise that Baylor soccer players Lucy and Gianna Quintana are sisters often mistaken as twins.

"Since we have been here, we have gotten so many questions on whether we are twins," said Gianna, a senior. "Literally we could probably pass off as twins, but I think that is from us being around each other so much."

They've spent three years together on the soccer as a defensive duo. Gianna (Gee) is the Bears' goal keeper and Lucy is a defender. The sisters have been a big part in the soccer program's revitalization. This season Baylor reached the Big 12 tournament for the first time since 2006 and held opponents to a .95 goals per game rate.

"I feel like the biggest thing now is team unity," Lucy said. "It was just a team meshing so well and I think that is what has helped this program. In the games you work for each other."

However, the sisters share a bond that goes deeper than being teammates. They share a trust that only comes from years of spending time with each other.

"Hands down I trust my teammates, but the trust I have for my sister is incredible," Gianna said. "I just know no matter what, she is going to do whatever she needs to do to get the job done."

Lucy and Gianna are able to be totally honest with each other, which allows them to hold each other accountable. The two often share a word of encouragement on the field or a personal critique after the game in an effort to make each other better.

"Obviously, we are just so comfortable with each," Lucy said. I know at my position I have one more player behind me and it's Gee. I know that she is going to do everything in her power to stop it. We have just learned to work together in our position and I think that is to our strength."

Most would suspect some arguments between sisters spending so much time with one another, but the Quintana sisters are a little different.

"Actually, we get along quite well," Gianna said. "If we need to get away from each other we just go to other girl's houses, but usually we don't really fight. I think we just know what makes each other mad and if we can avoid that the living situation is great."

The siblings grew even closer over the summer when they played for a team in North Carolina. Before each game the two would gather to sing a song and the tradition has stuck, even with some strange looks from their Baylor teammates.

"We are horrible at singing, literally the worst singers ever," Gianna said. "But we would sing one song, 'Marvelous Light,' and that would just help us focus on what we were out there to do. We were out there to play for God and just work hard in every single thing we do and come off the field with no regrets."
With Gianna's impending graduation, Lucy will now face an unfamiliar situation next year when she takes to the field without her sister.

"It is going to be tough, I am not going to lie, straight up, it is going to be tough," Lucy said. "Like I said we have the rituals together, everything together pretty much. I think it will be a challenge for myself for me to grow personally. I am excited for it. I am nervous, because I have always had Gee there, but I am ready."

And while the two will no longer be sharing the same soccer field, the two have no doubt their sisterly bond has only been strengthened by their time at Baylor.

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