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Texas Tech Student-Athlete Spotlight: Gabby Dominguez
May 05, 2010
By Meg Myers
Big 12 Campus Correspondent

Business deals take place on golf courses every day and when Texas Tech’s Gabby Dominguez steps on the course, she means business.

“She’s the most polite person I have ever known. When she’s on the golf course, she’s different,” First-year Head Coach JoJo Robertson said. “She’s out there for herself and that’s what it’s all about.”

From the time she picked up her first club at seven years old, she’s been progressing in the sport and succeeding in almost every tournament she enters.

In high school, she won four consecutive Class A Texas State titles, including the Texas Girls Junior Championship. In 2008, she claimed the T-2 Optimist International Golf Championship.

Robertson isn’t surprised by Dominguez’s success, crediting her dedication to the sport and leadership on the team.

“I can’t say enough about Gabby and her commitment,” Robertson said. “It’s great to see that in a player. She works really hard and wants to win every time she goes out to play. It’s nice to see somebody that cares that much.”

As one of the four freshmen on the team, Dominguez sees herself and the other young players getting better each week and is noticing that all their hard work is paying off.

Dominguez credits the coaches for helping her improve this season. In her debut semester as a Red Raider, she has recorded a top place finish, two top five finishes, and four top 10 finishes while averaging 74.7 strokes per round.

“When we first came in, we didn’t really know the coaches because they were new too,” Dominguez said. “They are really supportive and encourage us. Everything they have the power to do and help us, they help.”

Not only has Dominguez excelled on the golf course but in the classroom as well. She was the valedictorian of her high school graduating class in Chilton, Texas. The freshman already has plans to graduate from Texas Tech early. After Tech, the political science major plans on going to law school and then into politics. 

“I’ve always wanted to get into politics and the government,” Dominguez said. “I enjoy the political campaigns and everything about it. I’m really enjoying learning all about it in my classes.”

Even though she plans to get into politics, Dominguez isn’t planning on giving up her sport. She still wants to try out for the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). 

Whether it’s on or off the golf course, don’t be surprised to see Dominguez lay down the law.
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