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Colorado Student-Athlete Spotlight: Dominique Pytlewski
May 19, 2010

By Nick Bernal
Campus Correspondent

University of Colorado women’s golfer Dominique Pytlewski recently wrapped up her memorable career in Boulder and now has her eyes on medical school.

“I’m not going there [Pozman, Poland] for sure yet,” Pytlewski said.  “I’ll find out in June if I got the interview, which would be in July.  It’s an American medical university and it’s based in Poland. 

They have a few in Europe; they have a few in the Carribbean and some in Australia as well.  It’s basically the same thing as if I were going to medical school over here, but my family is from Poland so it would be nice to go back there and visit them.”

Pytlewski grew up in Vancouver, B.C. before coming to Colorado for college, but her family is originally from Poland.  Her parents moved to Vancouver in their late 20’s after graduating from college.

One of the main factors in her decision to attend CU was the bond she developed with assistant coach, and fellow Canadian, Brent Franklin.

“I met the assistant coach Brent at Junior Worlds in San Diego [Calif.],” Pytlewski said.  “He was a smooth talker and told me that I would really enjoy going to the University of Colorado.  He’s a Canadian as well, so there was that connection as well. 

For me, a big thing was being comfortable with the coaches.  I wanted to go somewhere that I knew I was going to get better as a player.  CU was the school where I felt like I would be getting the help that I needed, with Brent and [head coach] Anne [Kelly] there.”
While Boulder and Vancouver have a lot of similarities, including language and beautiful scenery, she said there were still a number of changes that took some getting used to.

“The weather was the biggest difference,” Pytlewski said.  “Vancouver is very predictable it just rains a lot.  In Colorado, you can be in shorts one day and the next day it’ll be a snowstorm.  That was interesting; it took some getting used to.  Definitely the lack of water, Vancouver has mountains too but it also has the ocean.”

While Pytlewski is sad that she is no longer able to golf for the University, she is looking forward to milking her last few weeks in Boulder.

“I loved my time at CU,” Pytlewski said.  “It went by too fast, but I’ll be back in Boulder in a week or so because I have a couple classes to take in the summer. I’m really looking forward to it because I hear the summers are really nice.  I loved the whole experience, I met a lot of great people and I’ll definitely be coming back to visit.”

Pytlewski insists that despite the time commitments of Medical School and her studies in cardiology, that she will always find time to hit the links, even if those opportunities are few and far between over the next couple of years.

“Medical School will definitely be very time consuming,” Pytlewski said.  “I don’t necessarily see myself playing competitively for the next few years, but it’s a skill that I’ll always be able to go back to.  I don’t know if I’m ever going to try and go pro, but I’m sure I’ll be playing in amateur events in the future.”

While Pytlewski is excited about the possibility of spending her next few years in Poland and getting to know her family better, she knows that ultimately she wants to return to North America after Medical School.

“I will definitely be coming back after Med School,” Pytlewski said.  “I’m not exactly sure where, it might be Canada or somewhere in the states.  I speak Polish but it’s not really the culture that I’m used to.  My ultimate goal is to be a doctor back here.”

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