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Big 12 Network - Championship Week FAQs
March 03, 2012
What are the benefits of the Big 12 Network Over-The-Air package?

• The Big 12 Network allows ESPN to deliver games to Big 12 fans that would otherwise go untelevised in some areas

• Over-the-air stations allow us to provide content to more homes within a DMA, even those that do not have a cable subscription

• Working with over-the-air stations also allows for more geographically-relevant advertising, creating a better experience for the viewers, stations and local businesses

• We want you to have a local home for the Big 12 and by working with over-the-air stations, we are able to deliver a large quantity of games throughout the season on a single station

Why are some stations High Definition and some not?
• Most over-the-air stations have only recently gained enough bandwidth to have the ability to transition from SD to HD. Additionally, there is significant investment required to upgrade their systems to HD. While most stations are in the process of upgrading, if they haven't done so yet, we will occasionally have to work with an SD station to maximize the number of homes that have access to our content.

• In addition, some Big 12 Network affiliates have fixed HD capabilities, which means they can only telecast HD programming they receive from via their primary network affiliation (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW).

Why can't all of these games air on ESPN?

• Due to the nature of Championship Week, ESPN's Programming department goes to great lengths to ensure that as many conference championship and semifinal games as possible appear on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU. As such, we are unable to serve every conference simultaneously on the national networks; however these games continue to be available via a growing number of alternative platforms (Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Pay-Per-View, etc.).

Where else are these games available other than the Big 12 Network?
• ESPN3 and WatchESPN - Check out this link to see if your cable provider has access to ESPN's authenticated networks!

• ESPN Full Court (Pay-Per-View) - Call your cable provider to upgrade to Full Court

• Dish Network & DirecTV - If you are a satellite television subscriber, check your available channels

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