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Women's Basketball Television Frequently Asked Questions
June 01, 2014

(Please refer to Men’s Basketball Television FAQ for additional technical issues.)

Q. Who owns the telecast rights for Big 12 women's basketball?

Both FOX and ESPN have selection rights related to Big 12 women’s basketball. The rights include Olympic sports (e.g. volleyball, softball, baseball, championship events) as well and each year FOX will telecast a minimum of 40 games (including championships). Of those 40 contests each year, 25 will be women’s basketball games. ESPN currently has the right to telecast 25 women’s basketball or Olympic sports events each year, but starting in 2016-17 it will be required to televise at least 25 of those events each season on an ESPN platform.

ESPN maintains the right to select the first three Olympic sports events per season from the Big 12 inventory of games and generally those selections are women’s basketball games.

There are limitations on the number of times a specific school can appear on FOX and ESPN for women’s basketball and Olympic sports, but those numbers are pretty liberal. All remaining games fall back to institutional third-tier packages for distribution.

Q. Why are there limits on the number of games FOX and ESPN can televise per school?

In the FOX agreement there is a minimum of games that FOX must televise, but there is no maximum. The limitations were put in place so that no one school would be selected so often it would impact a specific schools third-tier package. And the limitations are permissible – in other words a school could opt to provide additional games beyond the current limitations at its option.

Q. Who decides which games are selected by which network?

The Big 12 Conference office works in cooperation with the programming departments of FOX and ESPN in the development of the Big 12 telecast schedule. Inasmuch as ESPN has rights to the first three selections, FOX must wait until those games are selected prior to making its requests. There are no minimum appearance requirements but the parties endeavor to provide a good cross-section of games on all of the FOX platforms for all member institutions.

Q. Who selects the announcers for Big 12 basketball?

The Big 12 does not play a role in the selection of announcers but provides feedback and occasional recommendations on talent.

Q. Where is the best place to find the listings for which games are being telecast and where?

Right here at It should be noted that Big 12 women’s basketball games are most likely to appear on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, FOX SPORTS 1, FOX SPORTS 2 and/or FOX Sports regional carriers as well as FCS (FOX College Sports).

(Check the home page and/or visit the composite schedule for the respective sports and make sure to check your local listings.)

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