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Oklahoma Student-Athlete Feature: The Terry Twins
February 04, 2009

By Jennifer Van Tuyl
Big 12 Campus Correspondent

Kyle and Chad Terry are fraternal twins who have been inseparable since growing up in Midwest City, Okla. They were state wrestling champions at Carl Albert High, and have transferred that success to the mats competing for the Oklahoma Sooners. 

Kyle and Chad were partners in competition and mischief growing up. They played many sports together and even used their similar looks to switch classes without anyone knowing. All that separates these two are one minute and eight pounds.

Luckily for the twins and their family, they never are forced to compete for the same starting spot.  Kyle, who is the older twin by 60 seconds, has been nationally-ranked all season at 149 pounds. Chad recently took over as the starter in the 157-pound weight class.

“I don’t like to watch him wrestle because I use a lot of my energy just watching him,” Chad said. “I get just about as nervous, or more nervous, than when I wrestle. So I just stay back and give my own head space.”

The twins began wrestling at a young age, and found that participating in the same sport gave them a competitive edge and an advantage in preparation.

“One advantage is that we always had a work out partner,” Kyle said. “Anytime we wanted to go in and do extra work we always had a partner, which in turn pushed us to be better. Not a lot of people can do that and I think it has really helped us a lot.”

Even at the collegiate level, the Terry twins enjoy having a brother on the team.

“It’s great having someone that close to you on the team, especially at this level,” Chad said. “Having someone to work out with and share experiences with all the time is a benefit.”

Wrestling together for so many years, they know one another’s strengths and weaknesses well.

“We have very different wrestling styles,” Kyle said. “He is a really good scrambler, but my shape is a lot better.”

“Kyle has always been really quick and really technical,” Chad said. “I am a lot more methodical, I think more and he just reacts.”

Kyle said that the decision to attend OU was not a difficult one. They knew they wanted to go to the same school and OU was the perfect place.

Becoming a Sooner has proven to be a great decision as they have both seen success on the mat.
Kyle and Chad both started in back-to-back weight classes against North Carolina State over the weekend, and each picked up impressive victories. Those watching the match probably noticed their dominating performances but also saw the level of brotherly love.

“We definitely support each other a lot,” Kyle said. “Although we are very competitive with each other, we still want to see each other succeed.”

Once their wrestling careers and college education ends, the twins might finally head their separate ways. Kyle plans on pursuing a career in physical therapy, while Chad hopes to embark into the business world.

No matter Where their professional roads take them, their bond will surely never find them too far apart.

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