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'08-09 Men's Basketball Schedule Announced
July 24, 2008

Highlighted by three national television windows each week on ESPN or ESPN2, the Big 12 Conference has announced its men's basketball conference schedule for the 2008-09 season.

Nearly 90 percent of the conference games this season will be televised nationally or regionally on an ESPN network, ABC, CBS or the newly-branded, regionally-syndicated Big 12 Network. The games are being broadcast as part of the first season of a new multi-year agreement with ESPN that runs through the 2015-16 season. Only 13 league contests will not be televised on a national or regional basis, but many of those may be selected at a later date for local telecast packages and inclusion on ESPN Full Court - the pay subscription college basketball outer-market service.

The league slate tips off on Saturday, January 10, with five contests broadcast nationally and regionally. The Big 12 resumes its spot in ESPN's traditional "Big Monday" lineup two days later when Texas travels to Oklahoma. Seven of the 12 conference squads will be featured on Big Monday. Over the course of the 2008-09 campaign, every school in the conference will be showcased on ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC.

In men's basketball, the Big 12 is first conference to be guaranteed three weekly telecast windows on ESPN or ESPN2, which reach 96 and 95 million homes, respectively. In addition, 95 games overall (conference and non-conference) will air annually with more than 60 contests broadcast by ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN360, ABC or another national over-the-air network.

In March, the Phillips 66 Big 12 Men's Basketball Championship will continue to be televised on a variety of ESPN platforms including ESPN, ESPN2 and in regional syndication on the Big 12 Network. Formerly presented as being telecast by ESPN Plus, Big 12 Network games will be seen throughout the conference's geographic footprint and beyond. Among all the televised games, many will also be available as part of ESPN Full Court.

2008-09 Big 12 Men's Basketball Composite Schedule

Dates and television listings subject to change; [Big 12] = Big 12 Network telecast (formerly known as ESPN Plus) produced by ESPN Regional Television.

Saturday, January 10
Iowa State at Texas [Big 12]
Missouri at Nebraska [ESPN2]
Oklahoma at Kansas State [Big 12]
Texas A&M at Oklahoma State [ESPNU]
Texas Tech at Baylor [Big 12]

Monday, January 12
Texas at Oklahoma [ESPN]

Tuesday, January 13
Kansas State at Kansas [Big 12]

Wednesday, January 14
Colorado at Missouri [ESPNU]
Nebraska at Iowa State
Baylor at Texas A&M [ESPN2]

Saturday, January 17
Iowa State at Missouri [Big 12]
Kansas at Colorado [ABC]
Kansas State at Nebraska [Big 12]
Oklahoma at Texas A&M [ESPN]
Oklahoma State at Baylor [Big 12]
Texas at Texas Tech [Big 12]

Monday, January 19
Texas A&M at Kansas [ESPN]

Tuesday, January 20
Colorado at Texas Tech

Wednesday, January 21
Missouri at Oklahoma State [Big 12]
Nebraska at Oklahoma [ESPNU]
Baylor at Kansas State [ESPN2]

Saturday, January 24
Kansas at Iowa State [ESPN]
Kansas State at Colorado [Big 12]
Baylor at Oklahoma [ESPNU]
Oklahoma State at Nebraska [Big 12]
Texas A&M at Texas [ESPNU]
Texas Tech at Missouri [Big 12]

Monday, January 26
Oklahoma at Oklahoma State [ESPN]

Tuesday, January 27
Iowa State at Colorado
Texas at Baylor [Big 12]

Wednesday, January 28
Kansas at Nebraska [ESPN2]
Missouri at Kansas State
Texas Tech at Texas A&M [ESPNU]

Saturday, January 31
Colorado at Kansas [ESPNU]
Kansas State at Texas [Big 12]
Nebraska at Texas Tech [Big 12]
Baylor at Missouri [Big 12]
Oklahoma at Iowa State [Big 12]
Oklahoma State at Texas A&M [ESPN]

Monday, February 2
Kansas at Baylor [ESPN]

Tuesday, February 3
Iowa State at Kansas State

Wednesday, February 4
Missouri at Texas [ESPN2]
Nebraska at Colorado
Texas A&M at Oklahoma [Big 12]
Texas Tech at Oklahoma State [ESPNU]

Saturday, February 7
Colorado at Oklahoma [Big 12]
Kansas State at Texas A&M [Big 12]
Missouri at Iowa State
Baylor at Texas Tech [ESPNU]
Oklahoma State at Kansas [ABC]
Texas at Nebraska [ESPN]

Monday, February 9
Kansas at Missouri [ESPN]

Tuesday, February 10
Oklahoma State at Texas [Big 12]

Wednesday, February 11
Colorado at Iowa State
Oklahoma at Baylor [ESPN2]
Texas Tech at Kansas State [ESPNU]

Saturday, February 14
Iowa State at Oklahoma State [Big 12]
Kansas at Kansas State [ABC]
Nebraska at Missouri [Big 12]
Texas at Colorado [ESPN]
Texas A&M at Baylor
Texas Tech at Oklahoma [Big 12]

Monday, February 16
Texas at Texas A&M [ESPN]

Wednesday, February 18
Colorado at Nebraska [ESPNU]
Iowa State at Kansas [Big 12]
Oklahoma State at Texas Tech [ESPN2]

Saturday, February 21
Kansas State at Iowa State
Missouri at Colorado [Big 12]
Nebraska at Kansas [Big 12]
Baylor at Oklahoma State [Big 12]
Texas A&M at Texas Tech
Oklahoma at Texas [ESPN]

Monday, February 23
Kansas at Oklahoma [ESPN]

Tuesday, February 24
Baylor at Iowa State [Big 12]
Texas A&M at Nebraska [ESPN2]

Wednesday, February 25
Kansas State at Missouri [ESPNU]
Oklahoma State at Colorado
Texas Tech at Texas [ESPN2]

Saturday, February 28
Colorado at Baylor [Big 12]
Iowa State at Texas A&M [Big 12]
Nebraska at Kansas State [Big 12]
Oklahoma at Texas Tech [ABC]
Texas at Oklahoma State [ESPN]

Sunday, March 1
Missouri at Kansas [CBS]

Monday, March 2
Baylor at Texas [ESPN]

Tuesday, March 3
Kansas State at Oklahoma State [ESPN2]

Wednesday, March 4
Iowa State at Nebraska
Kansas at Texas Tech [ESPN2]
Oklahoma at Missouri [Big 12]
Texas A&M at Colorado [ESPNU]

Saturday, March 7
Colorado at Kansas State [Big 12]
Missouri at Texas A&M [ESPN2]
Nebraska at Baylor [Big 12]
Oklahoma State at Oklahoma [ABC]
Texas Tech at Iowa State [Big 12]
Texas at Kansas [CBS]

Note: Games not selected as part of the conference television package are subject to date changes for local TV package telecast.

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