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2013 Big 12 Volleyball Conference Schedule Announced
November 08, 2012
The Big 12 Conference has announced the league's 2013 volleyball schedule.

The Big 12 slate for 2013 will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 13 and culminate on Saturday, Nov. 30.

All nine teams will play home and away matches against one another.

Conference matches are played on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Dates are subject to change and times are to be determined.

Wed., Sept. 25   Sat., Oct. 19   Wed., Nov. 13
Texas Tech at Oklahoma         Oklahoma at Baylor           Texas Tech at Baylor
Texas at TCU   Iowa State at Texas   Iowa State at West Virginia
(Open:Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas,
Kansas State, West Virginia)
  Kansas at West Virginia   TCU at Oklahoma
  Texas Tech at Kansas State   (Open: Kansas, Kansas State, Texas)
    (Open: TCU)    
Sat., Sept. 28   Wed., Oct. 23   Sat., Nov. 16
Baylor at Iowa State   Kansas State at Baylor   Baylor at Oklahoma
TCU at Kansas   Iowa State at Kansas   Kansas State at Kansas
Kansas State at West Virginia   Oklahoma at TCU   TCU at West Virginia
Oklahoma at Texas   Texas at West Virginia   Texas at Texas Tech
(Open: Texas Tech)   (Open: Texas Tech)   (Open: Iowa State)
Wed., Oct. 2    Sat., Oct. 26    Wed., Nov. 20 
Texas at Baylor    Baylor at Texas Tech    Baylor at Kansas State 
Iowa State at Texas Tech    TCU at Iowa State    Kansas at Iowa State 
Kansas at Kansas State    Texas at Kansas State    Oklahoma at Texas Tech 
West Virginia at TCU    West Virginia at Oklahoma    West Virginia at Texas 
(Open: Oklahoma)    (Open: Kansas)    (Open: TCU) 
Sat., Oct. 5    Wed., Oct. 30    Sat., Nov. 23 
Kansas at Baylor    Baylor at Kansas    West Virginia at Baylor 
Iowa State at Oklahoma    Texas Tech at Iowa State    Iowa State at TCU 
TCU at Kansas State    Oklahoma at Kansas State    Texas Tech at Kansas 
West Virginia at Texas Tech    TCU at Texas    Kansas State at Texas 
(Open: Texas)    (Open: West Virginia)    (Open: Oklahoma) 
Wed., Oct. 9    Sat., Nov. 2    Wed., Nov. 27 
Baylor at West Virginia    Iowa State at Baylor    Texas at Iowa State 
Kansas State at Iowa State    Kansas at TCU    Kansas State at TCU 
Oklahoma at Kansas    Texas at Oklahoma    Oklahoma at West Virginia 
Texas Tech at Texas    Texas Tech at West Virginia    (Open: Baylor, Kansas, Texas Tech) 
(Open: TCU)    (Open: Kansas State)     
Sat., Oct. 12    Wed., Nov. 6    Sat., Nov. 30 
West Virginia at Iowa State    West Virginia at Kansas    Baylor at Texas 
Texas at Kansas    Kansas State at Texas Tech    Iowa State at Kansas State 
Kansas State at Oklahoma    (Open: Baylor, Iowa State, Oklahoma   Kansas at Oklahoma 
Texas Tech at TCU   TCU, Texas)    TCU at Texas Tech 
(Open: Baylor)        (Open: West Virginia) 
Wed., Oct. 16    Sat., Nov. 9     
TCU at Baylor    Baylor at TCU     
Kansas at Texas Tech    Oklahoma at Iowa State     
(Open: Iowa State, Kansas State,
Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia)
  Kansas at Texas    
    West Virginia at Kansas State     
    (Open: Texas Tech)     
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