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2008-09 In Focus Archive
June 01, 2009

Each week, will feature select student-athletes from one Big 12 school.


Texas A&M
Monday: Bronson Burgoon (golf) feature story
Tuesday: Savana Lloyd (softball) feature story
Wedneday: Kyle Thebeau (baseball) feature story
Thursday: Zuheir Sharif (men's track) feature story
Texas Tech
Tuesday: Megan Shupp (softball) feature story
Wednesday: Raony Carvalho (tennis) feature story
Thursday: D’andra Carter (track) feature story
Oklahoma State
Monday: Courtney and Camille Schultz (track) feature story
Tuesday: Taylor Marcum (softball) feature story
Wednesday: Tyrone Hambly (baseball) feature story
Thursday: Rickie Fowler (golf) feature story
Monday: Jacob Hernandez (track) feature story
Tuesday: Travis Tucker (baseball) feature story
Wedneday: Miguel Reyes Varela (tennis) feature story
Thursday: Kelly Louth (golf) feature story
Monday: Christopher Aumueller (tennis) feature story
Tuesday: Crystal Carwile (softball) feature story
Wednesday: Tyler Farst (baseball) feature story
Thursday: Adam Dailey (track) feature story
Monday: Sherine Wells (track) feature story
Tuesday: Garrett Buechele & Cameron Seitzer (baseball) feature story
Wedneday: Ben Blundell (mgolf) feature story
Friday: Amber Flores (softball) feature story
Kansas State
Monday: Dane Yelovich (baseball) feature story
Tuesday: Scott Sellers (ot&f) feature story
Wednesday: Antea Huljev (tennis) feature story
Thursday: Joe Ida, Robert Streb & Mitchell Gregson (golf) feature story
Monday: Danielle Day & Jamie Mera (tennis) feature story
Tuesday: Micaela Minner (softball) feature story
Thursday: Julia Porter (golf) feature story
Friday: Ryan Lollis (baseball) feature story
Iowa State
Monday: Women's tennis squad feature story
Tuesday: Zac Brouilette (ot&f) feature story
Thursday: Ben Herrera (golf) feature story
Thursday: Heidi Kidwell and Kelsey Kidwell (softball) feature story
Monday: Robby Price (baseball) feature story
Tuesday: Megan Gockel (golf) feature story
Wednesday: Edina Horvath (tennis) feature story
Thursday: Val Chapple (softball) feature story
Monday: Kendal Volz (baseball) feature story
Tuesday: Robert Griffin (ot&f) feature story
Wednesday: Whitney Canion (softball) feature story
Thursday: Dominik Mueller & Lenka Broosova (tennis) feature story
Monday: Derek Tolan (golf) feature story
Tuesday: Franziska Jendrian (tennis) feature story
Wednesday: Brandin Williams (track) feature story
Thursday: Julie Kim (golf)
Texas A&M
Monday: Gary Blair (wbb) - "On the Spot" & Kiley Finstad (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Mark Turgeon (mbb) - "On the "Spot"
Wednesday: Takia Starks, La Toya Micheaux and Danielle Gant (wbb) - "On The Spot" & Jaele Patrick (s&d) feature story
Thursday: Donald Sloan, Bryan Davis and Josh Carter (mbb) - "On The Spot"
Friday: Andrew Darko (mbb) feature story
Texas Tech
Monday: Kristy Curry(wbb) "On The Spot" & Kierra Mallard (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Pat Knight (mbb) - "On The Spot"
Wednesday: Tina Henderson and Dominic Seals (wbb) "On The Spot" & Megan and Amanda Dowdy (it&f/wgolf) feature story
Thursday: Alan Voskuill and John Roberson (mbb) "On The Spot"
Friday: Wally Dunn (mbb) feature story
Oklahoma State
Monday: Kurt Budke (wbb) – "On the Spot" & Melinda Mercado (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Travis Ford (mbb) – "On the Spot"
Wednesday: Andrea Riley, Taylor Hardeman and Sahunte Smith (wbb) – "On the Spot" & German Fernandez (it&f) feature story
Thursday: Byron Eaton and James Anderson (mbb) – "On the Spot"
Friday: Keiton Page (mbb) feature story & Pom Squad video feature
Monday: Gail Goestenkors (wbb) - "On the Spot" & Kathleen and Kristen Nash (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Rick Barnes (mbb) - "On the Spot"
Wednesday: Carla Cortijo and Earnesia Williams (wbb) - "On the Spot" & Drew and Jessica Livingston (s&d) feature story
Thursday: A.J. Abrams, Connor Atchley and Damion James (mbb) - "On the Spot"
Friday: Dexter Pittman (mbb) feature story
Monday: Connie Yori (wbb) – "On the Spot" & Kaitlyn Burke (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Doc Sadler (mbb) – "On the Spot"
Wednesday: Dominique Kelley (wbb) – "On the Spot" & Kassandra Nathe (wgym) feature story
Thursday: Ade Dagunduro and Steve Harley (mbb) – "On the Spot"
Friday: Paul Velander (mbb) feature story
Monday: Sherri Coale (wbb) - "On the Spot" & Whitney Hand (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Jeff Capel (mbb) - "On the Spot"
Wednesday: Courtney Paris, Ashley Paris, and Danielle Robinson (wbb) - "On the Spot" & Chad and Kyle Terry (wrestle) feature story
Thursday: Blake Griffin, Taylor Griffin, and Austin Johnson (mbb) - "On the Spot"
Friday: Taylor Griffin (mbb) feature story
Kansas State
Monday: Deb Patterson (wbb) - "On The Spot" & Branshea Brown (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Frank Martin (mbb) - "On The Spot"
Wednesday: Shalee Lehning and Marlies Gipson (wbb) - "On The Spot" & Loren Groves (it&f) feature story
Thursday: Ron Anderson, Darren Kent and Jacop Pullen (mbb) - "On The Spot"
Friday: Jamar Samuels (mbb) feature story & Classy Cats video feature
Monday: Cindy Stein (wbb) - "On The Spot" & Alyssa Hollins (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Mike Anderson (mbb) - "On The Spot"
Wednesday: Alyssa Hollins and Shakara Jones - "On The Spot" & Krishna Lee (it&f) feature story
Thursday: DeMarre Carroll, Matt Lawrence, and Leo Lyons (mbb) - "On The Spot"
Friday: Kim English (mbb) feature story
Iowa State
Monday: Bill Fennelly (wbb) – "On the Spot" & Claire Rockall (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Gregg McDermott (mbb) – "On the Spot"
Wednesday: Amanda Nisleit (wbb) – "On the Spot" & Gymnastics Team feature story
Thursday: Craig Brackins and Bryan Petersen (mbb) – "On the Spot"
Friday: Lucca Staiger (mbb) feature story
Monday: Bonnie Henrickson (wbb) – "On the Spot" & Danielle McCray (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Bill Self (mbb) – "On the Spot"
Wednesday: Danielle McCray and Sade Morris (wbb) – "On the Spot" & Hannah McMacken (s&d) feature story
Thursday: Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich (mbb) – "On the Spot"
Friday: Matt Kleinmann (mbb) feature story
Monday: Kim Mulkey (wbb) – "On the Spot" & Jhasmin Player (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Scott Drew (mbb) – "On the Spot"
Wednesday: Jhasmin Player, Jessica Morrow, Rachel Allison (wbb) – "On the Spot" & Men’s 4X400 Relay Team (it&f) feature story
Thursday: Henry Dugat, Curtis Jerrells, Kevin Rogers (mbb) – "On the Spot"
Friday: Curtis Jerrells, Henry Dugat, Kevin Rogers, Mamadou Diene (mbb) feature story & Bruiser the Mascot feature
Monday: Kathy McConnell-Miller (wbb) - "On the Spot" & Julie Seabrook (wbb) feature story
Tuesday: Jeff Bzdelik (mbb) - "On the Spot"
Wednesday: Kara Richards (wbb) - "On the Spot" & Jeremy Dodson (it&f) feature story
Thursday: Jermyl Jackson-Wilson (mbb) - "On the Spot"
Friday: Cory Higgins (mbb) feature story
Texas Tech
Monday: Daniel Charbonnet (football) – "On the Spot"
Tuesday: Sally Kipyego (cross country) feature story
Wednesday: Eric Morris (football) – "On the Spot" & John Walker Soccer Complex feature story
Thursday: Daniel and Taylor Charbonnet (football) feature story
Friday: Jamar Wall (football) – "On the Spot"
Texas A&M
Monday: Devin Gregg (football) - "On the Spot"
Tuesday: Laura Grace Robinson (soccer) feature story
Wednesday: Jordan Pugh (football) - "On the Spot" & Shadrack Songok (cross country) feature story
Thursday: Stephen McGee (football) feature story
Friday: Travis Schneider (football) - "On the Spot"
Oklahoma State
Monday: Andre Sexton (football) – "On the Spot"
Tuesday: Yolanda Odenyo (soccer) feature story
Wednesday: Ricky Price (football) – "On the Spot" and Ryan Vail (cross country) feature story
Thursday: Artell Woods (football) feature story
Friday: Zac Robinson (football) – "On the Spot"
Monday: Brian Orakpa (football) - "On The Spot"
Tuesday: Kasey Moore (soccer) feature story
Wednesday: Colt McCoy (football) - "On The Spot" and Ashley Engle (volleyball) feature story
Thursday: Chris Ogbonnaya (football) feature story
Friday: Quan Cosby (football) - "On The Spot"
Monday: Barry Turner (football) – "On the Spot"
Tuesday: Amanda Gates (volleyball) feature story
Wednesday: Joe Ganz (football) – "On the Spot" and Brittany Pfeil (soccer) feature story
Thursday: Tyrone Fahie (football) feature story
Friday: Matt Slauson (football) – "On the Spot"
Monday: Jon Cooper (football) – "On the Spot"
Tuesday: Brianne Baker & Caitlin Higgins (volleyball) feature story
Wednesday: Manual Johnson (football) – "On the Spot" & Katie Corbitt (soccer) feature story
Thursday: Nic Harris (football) feature story
Friday: Nic Harris (football) – "On the Spot"
Monday: Darrell Stuckey (football) – "On the Spot"
Tuesday: Karina Garlington (volleyball) feature story
Wednesday: Kelsey & Kortney Clifton (soccer) feature story
Thursday: Micah Brown (football) feature story
Friday: Todd Reesing (football) - "On the Spot"
Kansas State
Monday: Chris Carney (football) - "On the Spot"
Tuesday: Beverly Ramos (cross country) feature story
Wednesday: Ian Campbell (football) - "On the Spot" and Rita Liliom (volleyball) feature story
Thursday: Pacific Connection - featuring Hansen Sekona, Ulla Pomele, Alesana Alesana and Penisini Liu feature story
Friday: Josh Freeman (football) - "On the Spot"
Iowa State
Monday: Jason Scales (football) – "On the Spot"
Tuesday: Mary Bisenius (volleyball) – story
Wednesday: Jesse Smith (football) – "On the Spot" and Kiel Uhl (cross country) story
Thursday: Kurtis Taylor (football) story
Friday: Chase Coffman (football) - "On the Spot"
Monday: Chase Daniel (football) - "On the Spot"
Tuesday: Tasha Dittamore (soccer) feature story and Cheer Squad highlight video
Wednesday: Jeremy Maclin (football) - "On the Spot" and Kinsey Farren (w cross country) feature story
Thursday: Jeff Wolfert (football) feature story
Friday: William Moore (football) - "On the Spot"
Monday: Jason Smith (football) “On the Spot”
Tuesday: Anna Breyfogle (volleyball) story
Wednesday: Thomas White (football) “On the Spot” and Erin Biddell (cross country) story
Thursday: Current football players with relatives that played in the NFL story
Friday: Vincent Rhodes (football) “On the Spot”
Monday: Daniel Sanders (football) “On the Spot”
Tuesday: Nikki Marshall (soccer) story
Wednesday: George Hypolite (football) “On the Spot” and Amber Sutherland (volleyball) story
Thursday: Brad Jones (football) story
Friday: Ryan Walters (football) “On the Spot”

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