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Big 12 Announces Additional Bowl Agreements
November 03, 2009
The Big 12 Conference announced today that it has entered into agreements with the Dallas Football Classic and Eagle Bank Bowl for the 2010-13 seasons.

Under the agreement terms the Big 12 is guaranteed a spot in the Dallas Football Classic for the 2010 and '12 seasons; and the Eagle Bank Bowl in 2013.

The Conference will provide a team to either bowl in 2011 if the conference/team under contract that season is unable to supply an opponent. For 2011 the Dallas Football Classic has agreements with the Big Ten and Conference USA to provide teams; while the Eagle Bank Bowl is partnered with the Atlantic Coast Conference and Navy.

These bowls join the Tostitos Fiesta, AT&T Cotton, Valero Alamo, Insight, Pacific Life Holiday, Texas, and New York Yankees Bowls in partnering with the Big 12.

"This completes our bowl negotiations for the 2010-13 seasons," said Big 12 Conference commissioner Dan Beebe. "We are very pleased with the agreements we have entered which give the Conference the opportunity to provide at least eight bowl teams annually. These agreements meet all of the objectives that we established at the start of the negotiation process. We have great destinations and quality opponents in these games; and are the only conference with a line up that features opponents from BCS automatic qualifying conferences in all of its bowl games."

Beginning in 2010, the Big 12 bowl lineup will feature (opponent):
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and/or BCS National Championship Game
AT&T Cotton (SEC)
Valero Alamo (Pac-10)
Insight (Big Ten)
Pacific Life Holiday (Pac-10)
Texas (Big Ten)
New York Yankees (Big East)
Dallas Football Classic/Eagle Bank (Big Ten/ACC)

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