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Big 12 Officials Go High Def with XOS HD Replay
May 04, 2010
XOS Digital, Inc., the leading provider of content management solutions and digital media services for collegiate and professional sports organizations, announced that the Big 12 Conference will implement the company's next generation HD instant replay system for this upcoming football season. The announcement was made by Mark Hudgins, president, Integrated Solutions Group, XOS Digital.

"The Big 12 was one of our original XOS Replay partners back in 2005," Hudgins said. "Maintaining an ongoing trendsetter's pace, the Conference is now our second HD Replay partner. Commissioner Beebe and his staff understand the significance of a streamlined officiating process and the role that uncompressed HD video plays in that process. We're proud to provide them with a means to do so through XOS HD Replay."

The XOS HD Replay system provides the highest video quality currently available on the collegiate replay market. The system leverages uncompressed video recording and playback, which provides officials with a clearer view of the play in question than what fans see at home.

XOS Digital relied heavily upon market research to design the XOS HD Replay system in a way that would most effectively streamline the officiating process for its conference partners. The system includes various features to accomplish that goal. Some examples include the use of uncompressed video to provide approximately 25 times the information that Blu-ray video provides, and integrated paging system for on-field communication, on-screen display of technician status, web-based user interface for customization, video card use, and automated video and data export capabilities from the system to media delivery platforms such as the XOS VaultTM or XOS StudioTM.

"Big 12 football is paving the way for a new generation of officiating," said Dan Beebe, Big 12 Commissioner. "As one of the first to implement the XOS HD Replay system, our conference is leading the advancement of the emerging HD trend for officiating. This strategic investment demonstrates our level of commitment toward providing our member schools with the most technologically advanced resources."

Previously, XOS has provided the Big 12 with several other digital technologies. These include the XOS SportsPro digital video editing software and the XOS Studio media delivery platform for use by the Conference's officials and media partners. In addition, XOS integrated the Conference's Video Command Center in 2006, installing workstations, video towers, an AMX control system and wall mounted LCD monitors.

Nearly 125 sports teams within football, basketball and hockey use XOS Replay. XOS currently provides high definition football instant replay to the Southeastern Conference. In addition, the company provides standard definition football instant replay systems to Conference USA, and the Pac 10, Sun Belt and Mid-American conferences. For basketball, it provides standard definition instant replay systems to the Sun Belt and Western Athletic conferences. For hockey, it provides standard definition instant replay systems to the Western Collegiate Hockey Association, the Central Collegiate Hockey Association and numerous other hockey organizations.

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