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Video Access Using XOS Digital Xchange
August 02, 2010
The Big 12 Conference has partnered with XOS Digital to provide a destination, XOS Digital Xchange, for local media outlets and Big 12 television partners to access 2012-13 Big 12 football, basketball and certain Olympic sports video content to utilize in their respective broadcasts. Media outlets can contact the Big 12 Conference to obtain a login for XOS Digital Xchange and then have the ability to download broadcast quality game highlights. Below is more information on how to obtain a login and access this video content.

Frequently Asked Questions
(Summer 2012)

How does a media outlet access XOS Digital Xchange?
Download the Media Acknowledgement Form and return an executed copy to Bob Burda at bob (@) or via fax to (469) 524-1045. After receipt of the executed Media Acknowledgement Form a login will be provided to access XOS Digital Xchange.

What is the site for XOS Digital Xchange ?

What video content is uploaded to XOS Digital Xchange ?
Big 12 school shot video content throughout the 2012-13 collegiate season including football, basketball and certain Olympic sports.

How can the media outlet use this video content?
Refer to the Media Acknowledgement Form for usage of the video content uploaded to XOS Digital Xchange.

Will I find content from every institution on XOS Digital XChange?
XOS Digital XChange is a platform for the institutions to share content with media outlets. Some institutions may have additional content available through their own FTP systems. If you are not finding what you are looking for, reach out to the respective communication departments for access to their FTP area.

Media outlets should check XOS Digital Xchange periodically for the most recent content uploaded.

How does a media outlet download video content from XOS Digital Xchange?
View the XOS Digital Xchange User Guide.

How does a Big 12 school upload video content to XOS Digital Xchange?
View the XOS Digital Xchange User Guide.

Who do I contact for support?
The following support line is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; 1-800-490-7767

Who should a Big 12 school contact about uploading content to XOS Digital Xchange?
To obtain a new login, a Big 12 school should contact Kiron Andersen at kiron (@) For support, a Big 12 school should call 1-800-490-7767.

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