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2009-10 In Focus Archive
June 01, 2010
Each week, will feature select student-athletes from one Big 12 school.

Monday Dani Leal (SB) feature
Tuesday Hannah Burke (WGOLF) feature
Wednesday Willie Kempf (BSB) feature
Thursday Csilla Borsanyi (WTN) feature
Monday Camila Belassi (WTN) feature
Tuesday Aldo Vega (T&F) feature
Wednesday Dominique Pytlewski (WGOLF) feature
Thursday Jason Burstyn (MGOLF) feature
Monday Maria Fernanda Macedo (WTN) feature
Tuesday Hillary Bor (T&F) feature
Wednesday Pennapa Pulsawath (WGOLF) feature
Thursday Alex Johnson (SB) feature

Monday Nicole Vandermade (WGOLF) feature
Tuesday Brandon Loy (BSB) feature
Wednesday Tevan Everett (T&F) feature
Thursday Amy Hooks (SB) feature
Monday Alex Reynolds (SB) feature
Tuesday Andrea Pavan (MGOLF) feature
Wednesday Nazari Urbina (WTN) feature
Thursday Kevin Gonzalez (BSB) feature
Monday Chad Bettis (BSB) feature
Tuesday Ashly Jacobs & Holley Gentsch (SB) feature
Wednesday Gabby Dominguez (WGOLF) feature
Thursday Raony Carvalho (MTN) feature

Monday Heidi Foland (SB) feature
Tuesday Epley Bullock (T&F) feature
Wednesday D.J. Belfonte (BSB) feature
Thursday Brandon Crick (MGOLF) feature
Monday Jeremy Erben (BSB) feature
Tuesday Jessica Shults (SB) feature
Wednesday Andrei Daescu & Anna-Maria Constantinescu (WTN) feature
Thursday Amy Backel (T&F) feature
Monday Breana Casaus (SB) feature
Tuesday Julie Rader and Alyssa Henrichs (T&F) feature
Wednesday Kevin Tway (MGOLF) feature
Thursday Nataliya Shatkovskaya (WTN) feature

Monday Alex Jones (SB) feature
Tuesday Rebecca Neville (T&F) feature
Wednesday Erin Wilbert (WTN) feature
Thursday Cameron Selik (BB) feature
Monday Moritz Cleve (T&F) feature
Tuesday Laura Hildenbrandt, Hanna Roos and Ami Storey (WGOLF) feature
Wednesday Daniel Dellasega (BSB) feature
Thursday Mitchell Gregson (MGOLF) feature
Monday Stuart Ballingall (MGOLF) feature
Tuesday Aaron Senne (BSB) feature
Wednesday Shannon Leinert (T&F) feature
Thursday Marla Schweisberger (SB) feature

Tuesday Brad Reese (MBB) feature
Wednesday Evans & Karunde Twins (T&F) feature
Thursday Shade Weygandt (T&F) feature
Tuesday A.J. Walton (MBB) feature
Wednesday Kelli Griffin (WBB) feature
Thursday Chris Gowell (T&F) feature
Tuesday Bianca Smith (WBB) feature
Wednesday Allie McLaughlin (T&F) feature
Thursday Alec Burks (MBB) feature

Tuesday Ally Clardy (WBB) feature
Wednesday James Anderson (MBB) feature

Tuesday Brittainey Raven (WBB) feature
Wednesday Justin Mason (MBB) feature
Thursday Cole Craigen (S&D) feature
Tuesday Nathan Walkup (MBB) feature
Wednesday Danielle Adams (WBB) feature
Thursday Porscha Lucas (T&F) feature

Tuesday RaeShara Brown (WBB) feature
Wednesday Laurence Bowers (MBB) feature
Thursday Kim Jasmer (S&D) feature
Tuesday Kelsey Griffin (WBB) feature
Wednesday Kylie Stone (GYM) feature
Thursday Jorge Brian Diaz (MBB) feature
Tuesday Cade Davis (MBB) feature
Wednesday Lauren Willis (WBB) feature
Thursday Megan Ferguson (GYM) feature

Tuesday Alison Lacey (WBB) feature
Wednesday Diante Garrett (MBB) feature
Thursday Mitch Mueller (WR) feature
Tuesday Krysten Boogaard (WBB) feature
Wednesday Mason Finley (IT&F) feature
Thursday Conner Teahan (MBB) feature
Tuesday Shalin Spani (WBB) feature
Wednesday Erik Kynard (IT&F) feature
Thursday Curtis Kelly (MBB) feature

Tuesday Michael Hodges (FB) feature
Wednesday Emily Peterson (SOC) feature
Thursday Uzoma Nwachukwu (FB) feature
Tuesday Brian Duncan (FB) feature
Wednesday Amanda Dowdy (VB) feature
Thursday Taylor Lytle (SOC) feature
Tuesday Gianna and Lucy Quintana (SOC) feature
Wednesday Torri Campbell (VB) feature
Thursday David Gettis (FB) feature

Tuesday Rob Sorrell (CC) feature
Wednesday Whitney Palmer (SOC) feature
Thursday Dominique Franks (FB) feature
Tuesday Colby Lowe (CC) feature
Wednesday Bridget Miller, Kasey Langdon and Siera Strawser (SOC) feature
Thursday Dan Bailey (FB) feature
Tuesday Brock Simmons (CC) feature
Wednesday Sophie Campise (SOC) feature
Thursday Lauren Salisbury (CC) feature

Tuesday Sydney Messick (CC) feature
Wednesday Kelsey Chipman (VB) feature
Thursday Carson Coffman (FB) feature
Tuesday Michelle Makasini (SOC) feature
Wednesday Paola Ampudia (VB) feature
Thursday Kurtis Gregory (FB) feature
Tuesday Ari Goldstein (CC) feature
Wednesday Hannah Werth (VB) feature
Thursday Carly Peetz (SOC) feature

Tuesday Amy Barczuk (SOC) feature
Wednesday Kaitlyn Burkett (VB) feature
Thursday Ben Burney (FB) feature
Tuesday Victoria Henson (VB) feature
Wednesday Austen Arnaud (FB) feature
Thursday Lisa Koll (CC) feature
Tuesday Lauren Bonds (CC) feature
Wednesday Monica Dolinsky (SOC) feature
Thursday Kerry Meier (FB) feature

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