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Oklahoma Student-Athlete Spotlight: Tiana and Zoe Dickson
September 28, 2010
By Nikkole Zwolenik
Big 12 Campus Correspondent

Sisterhood is a term the Dickson sisters know extremely well. Three of four sisters in the family have worn crimson and cream uniforms. The love of competition and each other was a driving force in Zoe and Tiana Dickson becoming teammates on the Oklahoma soccer team.

According to Zoe, the youngest in the line of Dickson girls, Sooner blood runs through the Dickson family. Norelle Dickson, the second oldest sister, was an Oklahoma softball All-American in 2007.

"Its a family tradition," Zoe said.

Both Tiana and Zoe credit the decision to play for OU to the facilities and the spirit that comes with being a Sooner, saying "nothing could compare to it".

But that doesn't mean sisterhood did not play at least a small role in recruiting. Zoe is a freshman on this season's team, joining Tiana, a senior.

"[Norelle and Tiana] let me make my own decisions," Zoe explained. "I mean there are always those subtle hints, but they didn't pressure me at all."

Both Tiana and Zoe were top recruits to the University of Oklahoma. Tiana holds the record on the current roster for most consecutive starts at 65 and twice has been first team Academic All-Big 12. Freshman starter Zoe was a leader on her high school team and was rated No. 78 in the class of 2010 by

Tiana has been a leader on the team, especially in her senior year. Zoe lovingly refers to her as the team "mom."

"Tiana is one of those people that's always like 'do the right thing,'" Zoe added, "It's good to follow her example."

On the field, the sisters bring out the best in each other, and keep each other in check.

"If I mess up, Tiana is the first one to let me know" Zoe joked.

Both starters have a lifetime of experience as teammates, since Zoe played up on Tiana's club team at age seven.

"She looked like a little munchkin running around with us out there." Tiana remembers.

The Dickson sisters also played together as a freshman/senior duo at El Modena High School in Orange, Calif.

"I think you've gotten a lot better at soccer because I don't have to yell at you as much," Tiana joked with her younger sister.

Adding Zoe to the Oklahoma roster has livened up Tiana's last year of playing soccer for the Sooners.

"It has definitely made playing a lot more fun and enjoyable," Tiana said. "I couldn't ask for anything more to play with my little sister. I'm excited for her and her next three years. I'm really happy I got to play with her."

Tiana and Zoe truly value having each other's companionship. It helps prevent longing for their West Coast home.

"It's nice to have a friend you can tell anything to, but it's also your sister - double bonus," Zoe added.

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