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Texas A&M Student-Athlete Spotlight: Kourtney Roberson
January 13, 2011
By T.D. Durham
Big 12 Campus Correspondent

Whenever you see Texas A&M basketball player Kourtney Roberson, the first thing you notice about him is his intimidating figure. At 6-foot-9, 230 pounds, the freshman brings the word "monstrous" to mind.

But the next thing you notice is his quiet, soft-natured persona; a trait that brings the phrase "gentle giant" to mind. Though his voice may be in the lowest registers known to mankind, Roberson speaks in a reserved manner, never overstating or embellishing, always humble.

But when the Aggie guard steps onto the basketball court, he becomes a different animal. Simply put, Roberson lets his playing do his talking.

When the freshman locks his humongous hands around a rebound, the air shakes with a shockwave of force from his clap. When Roberson gets the ball underneath the basket, it normally takes a multitude of opponents to deny him a score.

But Roberson's natural abilities as a basketball player do not come as a surprise if you know his history. He is the brother of the all-time leading scorer in Texas A&M men's basketball history, Bernard King, who played for the Aggies from 1999-03.

Roberson said that the two talk every day about both life and basketball. King helps Roberson with basketball pointers after games and even throws in some brotherly advice when it comes to dealing with the stress of moving away from a small town and into college life.

"I grew up in Arcadia, Louisiana, which is a very small town," Roberson said. "Life up in the woods, and then coming to a city like this, it's really good for me, but it's a really big change."

Roberson also said that his half-brother was an influence in his decision to make the trip from Arcadia to College Station to become an Aggie.

"When I narrowed down my decision to three schools, Bernard and I were talking about Texas A&M," Roberson said. "Bernard told me that everything about TAMU - the coaches, the environment, the play - was a good fit for me."

And as Roberson has made the transition to college life, his transition to competition of college basketball has been positive and productive already. Averaging 6.3 points in just 12.7 minutes per game, Roberson has made a difference for the Aggies on the court. Roberson also leads the Aggies in field goal percentage (62.3) and averages 4.4 rebounds a game.

Roberson said that he was not expecting to do as well as he has initially, but knew that he could make an impact for the team.

"In practice, I was working really hard," Roberson said. "And as the games came, I started to get more minutes. I know that as the season goes on, I'll have to earn it and work hard because the team will really need me."

But Roberson doesn't plan on helping the team succeed just this season. In fact, Roberson had a message to convey to his brother, regarding King's scoring record at TAMU.

"I was talking to Bernard the other day when he was home that he better say goodbye to his scoring record," Roberson said. "It's going to be mine."

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