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Phillips 66 Big 12 Baseball Championship Tiebreaking Procedures
November 16, 2005
The eight teams with the best conference records (based on winning percentage) in regular season competition will qualify for the Phillips 66 Big 12 Championship -- a two-division, double-elimination format.

In the event of a tie or ties in the standings, the following tie-breaking system will be implemented.
  1. If two teams are tied, head-to-head competition will be used to break a tie.
  2. If two teams remain tied, the winner of the first game of the Conference series between the two tied teams will be used.
  3. If two teams remain tied, there will be a comparison of the records of the tied teams against the highest place team(s) in descending order from top to bottom until the tie is broken; or,
  4. If two teams remain tied, there will be a drawing to determine the seed or qualification for the tournament;
  5. If three or more teams are tied, there will be a comparison of head-to-head records in a ‘mini round-robin’ of tied teams, followed by steps (1), (2), (3), and (4). Once a team has been eliminated from a multi-team comparison, it is dropped from further comparisons.
NCAA Automatic Qualification.
The Phillips 66 Big 12 Championship winner earns the Big 12’s automatic berth into the NCAA Championship field.  

The winner of the Big 12 Baseball Championship shall be the automatic qualifier to the NCAA Tournament.  In the event the Championship is terminated before completion, the highest remaining seed shall be the Conference’s automatic qualifier to the NCAA tournament regardless of when the Championship is terminated.

For the Championship game, and in accord with the NCAA requirement to declare the Conference’s AQ by 11 p.m. CT on Sunday, no inning will begin after 11 p.m. CT.  If, by 11 p.m. CT, 5.0 innings have been played, enough to consider the game official per NCAA Rule 5.8b, the team with the lead will be declared the tournament champion and earn the automatic qualifier.  Should the game be tied, or less than 5.0 innings played, the highest seeded team of the two will earn the automatic qualifier (Effective 2014-15).

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