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2010-11 In Focus Archive
June 01, 2011
Each week, will feature select student-athletes from one Big 12 school.

Tuesday Meghna Bal (WGOLF) feature
Wednesday Rebeka Stowe (T&F) feature
Thursday Brittany Hile (SB) feature
Friday Jimmy Waters (BASE) feature
Tuesday Jeffrey Julmis (T&F) feature
Wednesday Petra Niedermayerova (WTN) feature
Thursday Ali Pistora (T&F) feature
Friday Jason King (BASE) feature
Tuesday Eric Anderson (BASE) feature
Wednesday Kaitlyn Ritchie (WTN) feature
Thursday Chelsea Thomas (SB) feature
Friday Tre Chambers (T&F) feature

Tuesday Ryan O'Rear (MGOLF) feature
Wednesday John Peers (MTN) feature
Thursday Whitney Canion (SB) feature
Friday Brooks Pinckard (BASE) feature
Tuesday Luke Symons (MGOLF) feature
Wednesday Brian Owens (T&F) feature
Thursday Kristina Schleich (WTN) feature
Friday Jenny & Kristin Coleman (WGOLF) feature
Tuesday Kianna Elahi (T&F) feature
Wednesday L Herman & V. Stefansen (WGOLF) feature
Thursday Rachael Zabriskie (SB) feature
Friday E. Karonis, R. Kelemen, & L. Wischer (WTN) feature

Tuesday Keiron Stewart (T&F) feature
Wednesday Blair Luna (SB) feature
Thursday Vandermade and Lee-Bentham (WGOLF) feature
Friday Taylor Jungmann (BASE) feature
Tuesday Austin Krajicek (MTN) feature
Wednesday Jordan Russell (MGOLF) feature
Thursday Meagan May (SB) feature
Friday Ross Stripling (BASE) feature
Tuesday Matt Smith (MGOLF) feature
Wednesday Kelsy Garland (WTN) feature
Thursday Cydney Allen (SB) feature
Friday Reid Redman (BASE) feature

Tuesday Mara Griva (T&F) feature
Wednesday Patricia Veresova (WTN) feature
Thursday Heidi Foland (SB) feature
Friday Khiry Cooper (BASE) feature
Tuesday Peerakit Siributwong (MTN) feature
Wednesday Mookie Salaam (T&F) feature
Thursday Dani Dobbs (SB) feature
Friday Caleb Bushyhead (BASE) feature
Tuesday Natalja Pilisina (T&F) feature
Wednesday Malika Rose (WTN) feature
Thursday Chelsea Garcia (SB) feature
Friday Luis Uribe (BASE) feature

Tuesday Jake Anderson (MBB) feature
Wednesday Chassidy Cole (WBB) feature
Thursday Michelle Shealy (GYM) feature
Tuesday Joy Bunting (S&D) feature
Wednesday Carolyn Davis (WBB) feature
Thursday Tyrel Reed (MBB) feature
Tuesday Alex Potuzak (MBB) feature
Wednesday Denise Baker (T&F) feature
Friday Brittany Chambers (WBB) feature

Tuesday Bryce Lamb (T&F) feature
Wednesday Casey Morris (WBB) feature
Thursday David Tairu (MBB) feature
Tuesday James Gilreath (T&F) feature
Wednesday Melissa Jones (WBB) feature
Thursday Fred Ellis (MBB) feature
Tuesday Joe Morris (T&F) feature
Wednesday Chelsea Dale (WBB) feature
Thursday Levi Knutson (MBB) feature

Tuesday Dallas Bailey (WR) feature
Wednesday Jenni Bryan (WBB) feature
Thursday Andy Shaw (MBB) feature
Tuesday Nick D’Innocenzo (S&D) feature
Wednesday Matt Hill (MBB) feature
Thursday Sarah Lancaster (WBB) feature
Tuesday Grant Nel (S&D) feature
Wednesday Tyra White (WBB) feature
Thursday Kourtney Roberson (MBB) feature

Tuesday Lauren Lavigna (S&D) feature
Wednesday Jasmyn Otote (WBB) feature
Thursday Justin Safford (MBB) feature
Tuesday Maria Scaffidi (GYM) feature
Wednesday Dominique Kelley (WBB) feature
Thursday Drake Beranek (MBB) feature
Tuesday Zack Bailey (WR) feature
Wednesday Aaryn Ellenberg (WBB) feature
Thursday Andrew Fitzgerald (MBB) feature

Tuesday Dillon Shije (CC) feature
Wednesday Elysse Richardson and Megan Beckwith (VB) feature
Thursday Jonathan Hawkins (FB) feature
Friday Dave Einspahr (STAFF) feature
Tuesday Ashley Mass (VB) feature
Wednesday Dani Stack (CC) feature
Thursday Jake Knott and A.J. Klein (FB) feature
Tuesday Melissa Manda (VB) feature
Wednesday Whitney Berry (SOC) feature
Thursday Toben Opurum (FB) feature
Friday Micah Brown (STAFF) feature

Tuesday Chelsea Ringel (VB) feature
Wednesday Jeff Fuller (FB) feature
Thursday Rachel Shipley (SOC) feature
Friday Meredith Breitling (STAFF) feature
Tuesday Casey McCall (SOC) feature
Wednesday Michelle Guzman (CC) feature
Thursday Eric Stephens (FB) feature
Friday Richard Willis (STAFF) feature
Tuesday Elizabeth Graham (VB) feature
Wednesday Courtney Seelhorst (SOC) feature
Thursday Tim Atchison (FB) feature
Friday Paula Young (STAFF) feature

Tuesday Zoe & Tiana Dickson (SOC) feature
Wednesday Quinton Carter (FB) Feature
Thursday Kevin Schwab (CC) feature
Friday Bob Barry (STAFF) feature
Tuesday Whitney Wernimont (SOC) feature
Wednesday Tom Farrell (CC) feature
Thursday Chris Donaldson (FB) feature
Friday Agatha Adams (STAFF) feature
Tuesday Allison Mendez (CC) feature
Wednesday Hannah Allison (VB) feature
Thursday Tre' Newton (FB) feature
Friday Chip Robertson (STAFF) feature

Tuesday Corey Adams (FB) feature
Wednesday JuliAnne Chisholm (VB) feature
Thursday Sydney Messick (CC) feature
Friday Joan Friederich (STAFF) feature
Tuesday Molly Kreklow (VB) feature
Wednesday Dominique Richardson (SOC) feature
Thursday James Franklin (FB) feature
Friday Jana Heitmeyer (STAFF) feature
Tuesday Kayla Banwarth (VB) feature
Wednesday Molly Thomas (SOC) feature
Thursday Roy Helu, Jr. (FB) feature
Friday Butch Hug (STAFF) feature

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