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Oklahoma State Student-Athlete Spotlight: Levy Adcock
September 21, 2011

By Blake Zimmerman
Big 12 Campus Correspondent

At 6-foot-6, 322 pounds, Oklahoma State right tackle Levy Adcock is one an intimidating presence on the football field.

He anchors an offensive line that ranked fifth in the nation in sacks allowed per game in 2010 and returns all five starters. Being the star on such a successful offensive line comes with its fair share of attention – Adcock is projected by many to be a first-round pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

The senior from Claremore, Okla., however, is prepared to handle what becomes a distraction for many.

“Right now during team camp it’s more of a distraction, but as the season goes on I’ll look at it as my motivation,” Adcock said. “It can definitely be a distraction, though.”

Even though he may be the anchor, Adcock is part of a rarity in college football – five offensive linemen returning for their second season as a unit. Naturally, that equates to a large amount of time spent on the field together, but how often do they hang out away from the field?

“We’re close,” Adcock said. “During team camp, we’re all together 24 hours, except when we go to sleep, that’s about it. We’re all really good friends, some best friends. We’re a real tight group, more than likely one of the closest groups in the nation.”

Offensive linemen have to be close with each other to be successful as a group, but they also must be close with the player they protect, the quarterback. OSU quarterback Brandon Weeden appreciates his “body guards.” He was sacked an average of 0.53 times per game last season. Has such stellar protection earned a dinner for the linemen paid for by the quarterback?

“It’s never happened, but in my opinion, it should happen,” Adcock said.
“He did take us out last year after two-a days. He took us to Texas Roadhouse and bought all of us steaks, but not after any games.”

Based on his performances last year, Adcock would earn quite a few steak dinners. He consistently played at a high level and was a 2010 All-Big 12 First Team selection. Before the Bedlam game, OSU head coach Mike Gundy dubbed Adcock “The Freak.” With his size and
athleticism, that would seem like a perfect nickname. Adcock, however, thinks differently.

“I do not like ‘The Freak’ at all,” Adcock said. “As far as any other nicknames I embrace, Levy works just fine.”

Apparently being nicknamed “The Freak” is not Levy’s favorite moment in his OSU football career. So what is it? Beating Texas in Austin? The heart stopping win over Texas A&M? Actually, it’s something much sweeter for him.

“My favorite moment is the sensation of running my last set of stadiums and knowing I’ll never have to run them again,” Adcock said. “It’s the greatest feeling ever.”

Besides running his last set of stadiums, Adcock has several other lofty goals he is looking forward to completing during his last season at Oklahoma State.

“I’m looking to get to a BCS game, and I know that is a team goal as well,” Adcock said. “Individually, I don’t like to think of myself as anything separate from the team, but I would like to live up to the hype that comes with preseason nominations.”

Adcock’s journey from playing high school football at Claremore (Okla.) Sequoyah, to junior college football at NEO A&M to finally landing at Oklahoma State has given him plenty of humility. As he said, he always wants to put the team first. He is driven and determined to be a part of accomplishing the team’s goals as opposed to using the team to achieve individual goals. That mindset resonates throughout the offensive line and the team.

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