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2012 Big 12 Conference Leadership Summit
July 01, 2012
In 2007 the Big 12 Conference Leadership Summit was originated by the Big 12 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and the Dr. Prentice Gautt Student-Athlete Welfare Committee. This program is funded by the Big 12 Conference Board of Directors. The purpose of the Summit is to provide leadership opportunities for student-athletes through targeted programming including: diversity, leadership skill building exercises and analysis, self awareness, communication, decision making, problem solving and collaborative skills.

On June 1-3, 2012 the Leadership Summit was hosted by the Texas Tech University Athletic Department and was held at the Overton Hotel & Conference Center in Lubbock, TX. Over two and a half days of carefully designed programming, forty Big 12 student-athletes participated in presentations, personal reflection, team building events and discussions. The participants represent a cross section of sports that include men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, track & field, golf, rowing, equestrian, soccer and football. The diverse group of student-athletes were nominated by their respective member institutions and confirmed by Leadership Summit selection committee which was comprised by representatives of the Big 12 Conference, Big 12 SAAC and the host institution.

Leadership Summit Executive Team

Texas Tech University Athletics:
Felicia Martin, Associate Athletics Director
Justin Paysinger, Director of Student-Athlete Affairs
Danielle Matthews, Graduate Assistant

Big 12 Conference Staff

Edward Stewart, Associate Commissioner
Regina Everett, Administrative Assistant

Tierra Barber, Assistant Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development, Baylor University
Deedee Brown-Campbell - Assistant Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Services, Baylor University
Grant Fausset, Director of Basketball and Video Operations, Texas Tech University
L.A. Love, Assistant Director for Athletic Academic Services / M&W Basketball, Texas Tech University
Kacey Oiness, M.S., Pre-Doctoral Intern, Psychological Resources for Student-Athletes, University of Oklahoma
Justin Opperman, Education Coordinator for Athletics Compliance, Texas Tech University
Molly Parrott, Ph.D., Student-Athlete Affairs & Academic Coordinator, Iowa State University
Kristin Waller, Academic Counselor & Life Skills Director/Student Affairs, Kansas State University

2011 Leadership Summit Recap
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