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Three Games Scheduled for Week 13 Football
November 19, 2013

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Sixty percent of Big 12 teams are eligible for postseason bowls. Baylor, K-State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech have all reached six wins.

In the final three weeks of the season, five games remain that will feature the Big 12’s six bowl teams against each other. 

Seven Conference teams have at least one game remaining against ranked Big 12 opponents. Following is the number of games left and those against ranked teams.                 
   Oklahoma State - 2/2
   Texas Tech - 1/1
   Texas - 2/1
   Baylor - 3/1
   TCU - 1/1
   K-State - 2/1
   Oklahoma - 2/1

A Big 12 team leads the nation in seven different statistical categories.

Baylor is the only team in the country to average over 60 (61.2) points a game and its 684.8 total yards average is over a 100 more than the second-highest team.

Baylor is one of the six remaining undefeated teams in the FBS and still must face Oklahoma State and Texas who are tied for second in the Big 12 with one conference loss each.

Baylor leads the six remaining undefeated teams in scoring differential:
   Baylor: 43.8 (61.2-17.4)
   Florida State: 41.6 (52.7-11.1)
   Ohio State: 30.6 (49.4-18.8)
   Alabama: 28.6 (38.8-10.2)
   Northern Illinois: 19.4 (44.6-25.2)
   Fresno State: 17.4 (44.3-26.9)

Based on past and future opposition, Baylor also has the toughest schedule among the unbeaten teams: Baylor (30), Alabama (51), Florida State (71), Ohio State (77), Fresno State (111) and Northern Illinois (125).

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