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SAAC Members Meet at Conference Office
July 26, 2017

The Big 12 Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) conducted meetings at the conference office to lay groundwork for the upcoming academic year. Among the big-ticket items were selecting the Chair and Vice Chair, continued discussion on their ever-increasing role in the Conference and Division I governance structure and selecting a Conference-branded SAAC logo.

Kansas rowing member Angie Allen was voted as the 2017-18 Big 12 SAAC Chair while Jonathan Roberts of Texas men’s swimming and diving was appointed Vice Chair. In their leadership role, they will engage and coordinate the Conference SAAC and serve as ex officio members of the Dr. Prentice Guatt Student-Athlete Welfare Committee of the Conference.

During the two-day meeting, the 24 student-athletes in attendance engaged in discussions regarding governance issues, reviewed and provided feedback on Conference legislative concepts and established subcommittees that reflected the main focus areas of the Conference SAAC: legislation, social media and career preparation and development.

“We are thrilled with the outcomes of the in-person Conference SAAC meeting,” said Michelle Woods, Student-Athlete Programs Assistant. “Our student-athletes were open to learning how their voice can make the greatest impact, were able to provide crucial feedback on legislative concepts and build camaraderie.”

Additionally, the Conference will be represented by select student-athletes on the Division I National Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and in the Autonomy governance structure

On the Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Lana Duke of Oklahoma State soccer will serve as the representative of the Big 12 Conference and will be one of just 32 Division I representatives serving. As a member, Duke will promote student-athlete well-being, foster a positive student-athlete environment and promote engagement at the national, conference and local levels.

For the Autonomy governance structure, TCU women’s basketball’s Amy Okonkwo, Oklahoma State football’s Brad Lundblade and Texas Tech Baseball’s Anthony Lyons, Jr. will represent the Big 12 student-athlete voice when reviewing and voting for proposed autonomy legislation.

The Big 12 Conference SAAC serves as the student-athlete voice, focusing on communicating with and engaging fellow student-athletes. Listed below is a roster of the student-athletes in attendance and serving as institutional representatives to the Big 12 Conference SAAC.

July 21-22 Conference SAAC Meetings Materials

Conference SAAC Representatives

Jimmy Bendeck, Baylor, Men's Tennis

Katie Staiger, Baylor, Volleyball

Chris Celona, Iowa State, Men's Track & Field

Evelyne Guay, Iowa State, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Nick Giusti, Kansas, Men's Track & Field

Angie Allen, Kansas, Rowing

Glenn Williams, Kansas State, Football

Krista Haddock, Kansas State, Women's Soccer

Liam Meirow, Oklahoma, Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Nicole Mendes, Oklahoma, Softball

Benjamin Butler, Oklahoma State, Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Stephanie Ferrante, Oklahoma State, Women's Track & Field

David Bolisomi, TCU, Football

Kaylee Smith, TCU, Volleyball

Jonathan Roberts, Texas, Men's Swimming & Diving

Olamide Aborowa, Texas, Women's Basketball

Travis Bruffy, Texas Tech, Football

Zuri Sanders, Texas Tech, Women's Basketball

Rob Dowdy, West Virginia, Football

Amy Cashin, West Virginia, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field


NCAA Division I National SAAC Representative

Lana Duke, Oklahoma State, Women's Soccer


Autonomy 5 Governance Representatives

Brad Lundblade, Oklahoma State, Football

Amy Okonkwo, TCU, Women's Basketball

Anthony Lyons, Jr., Texas Tech, Baseball

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