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Angie Allen - Chair Jonathan Roberts - Vice Chair

Big 12 Conference SAAC is the avenue for engaging student-athletes on their respective team, fellow student-athletes, and athletics administrators at the campus, conference, and national level. Big 12 SAAC provides feedback on Council and Autonomy legislative items, empowers others to utilize their platform in sport to create social change and maximize their student-athlete experience.

Big12 SAAC consists of two student-athlete representatives from each Member Institution, one DI SAAC representative, and three Autonomy student-athlete representatives.

2017-18 Members


Oklahoma State

Conference Representative - Division l National SAAC

Jimmy Bendeck, Men's Tennis

Ben Butler, Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Lana Duke, Oklahoma State, Women's Soccer

Katie Staiger, Volleyball

Stephanie Ferrante, Women's Track & Field

Iowa State


Student-Athlete Representatives-Autonomy Governance

Chris Celona, Men's Track & Field

David Bolisomi, Football Brad Lundblade, Oklahoma State, Football

Evelyne Guay, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Kaylee Smith, Volleyball Amy Okonkwo, TCU, Women's Basketball



Anthony Lyons, Jr., Texas Tech, Baseball

Nick Giusti, Men's Track & Field

Jonathan Roberts, Men's Swimming & Diving

Angie Allen, Rowing

Olamide Aborowa, Women's Basketball

Kansas State

Texas Tech

Brogan Heinen, Baseball

Travis Bruffy, Football

Krista Haddock, Women's Soccer

Zuri Sanders, Women's Basketball


West Virginia

Liam Meirow, Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Rob Dowdy, Football

Nicole Mendes, Softball

Amy Cashin, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field


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