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Big 12 Wrestling Sends 51 to NCAA Championship
March 06, 2018

The Big 12 Conference will send 51 wrestlers to the 2018 NCAA Championship at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on March 15-17. All ten individual conference champions will head to Cleveland, as well as a select number of automatic qualifiers and at-large selections in each weight class.



* Automatic Qualifier

^ Big 12 Champion


125 lbs. – Seven Qualifiers


Paul Bianchi- North Dakota State*

Jacob Schwarm- UNI*

Christian Moody- Oklahoma*

Nicholas Piccininni- Oklahoma State*^

Connor Brown- South Dakota State*

Taylor LaMont- Utah Valley*

Zeke Moisey- West Virginia*


133 lbs. – Six Qualifiers


Cam Sykora- North Dakota State*

Rico Montoya- Northern Colorado*

Kaid Brock- Oklahoma State*

Seth Gross- South Dakota State*^

Montorie Bridges- Wyoming*

Matthew Schmitt- West Virginia


141 lbs. – Four Qualifiers


Josh Alber- UNI*

Dean Heil- Oklahoma State*

Bryce Meredith- Wyoming*^

Henry Pohlmeyer- South Dakota State


149 lbs. – Seven Qualifiers


Khristian Olivas- Fresno State*

Jarrett Degen- Iowa State*

Max Thomsen- UNI*

Boo Lewallen- Oklahoma State*^

Davion Jeffries- Oklahoma

Dane Robbins- Air Force

Sam Turner- Wyoming


157 lbs. – Three Qualifiers


Clayton Ream- North Dakota State*

Luke Zilverberg- South Dakota State*

Archie Colgan- Wyoming*^


165 lbs. – Six Qualifiers


Andrew Fogarty- North Dakota State*

Keilan Torres- Northern Colorado*

Dawaylon Barnes- Oklahoma*

Chandler Rogers- Oklahoma State*^

Demetrius Romero- Utah Valley*

Branson Ashworth- Wyoming*


174 lbs. – Five Qualifiers


Taylor Lujan- UNI*^

Yoanse Mejias- Oklahoma*

Jacobe Smith- Oklahoma State*

David Kocer- South Dakota State*

Kimball Bastian- Utah Valley*


184 lbs. – Five Qualifiers


Dylan Gabel- Northern Colorado*

Drew Foster- UNI*^

Keegan Moore- Oklahoma State*

Martin Mueller- South Dakota State*

Chaz Polson- Wyoming


197 lbs. – Five Qualifiers


Jacob Seely- Northern Colorado*

Jacob Holschlag- UNI*

Preston Weigel- Oklahoma State*

Nate Rotert- South Dakota State*^

Jacob Smith- West Virginia


285 lbs. – Three Qualifiers


AJ Nevills- Fresno State*

Derek White- Oklahoma State*^

Dustin Dennison- Utah Valley*


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