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Eighty Riders Earn NCEA All-Academic Honors
May 03, 2019

Eighty Big 12 Equestrian Riders were named to both the 2019 National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA) Farnam All-Academic teams and the APHA Academic Honor Roll. 

Amongst both ledgers, Baylor led the Big 12 with 34 total honorees, while Oklahoma State earned 27. TCU rounded off the leagues presence with 19 recognized.

BU totaled eight first team selections, including first time NCEA Equitation on the Flat First Team All-America honoree Grace Thiel.

Katie Schell, the 2019 APHA NCEA Elite Equestrian Award winner, is one of seven Cowgirls that earned first team recognition.

To be eligible for first team honors, riders must have competed in 70% of her school’s meets and earned a cumulative GPA of 3.5 while maintaining full-time enrollment in the previous Spring and Fall semesters. Second team and honorable mention recognition criteria is 60% with a GPA of 3.25 and 50% with a 3.00 GPA, respectively.

The APHA Academic Honor Roll recognizes the top academic student athletes who have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.25 while maintaining full time enrollment in the previous Spring and Fall semesters respectively.


Big 12 Equestrian Riders Named to NCEA All-Academic Teams

First Team

Rachael Davis, Baylor

Madison Day, Baylor

Shannon Hogue, Baylor

Grace Thiel, Baylor

Katie Davis, Baylor

Kaylee Mellott, Baylor

Carly Salter, Baylor

Georgia Smith, Baylor

Maddie Bender, Oklahoma State

Stephanie Helsen, Oklahoma State

Hannah Janson, Oklahoma State

Sarah Miller, Oklahoma State

Katie Schell, Oklahoma State

Emma Verplank, Oklahoma State

Kristi Wiggins, Oklahoma State

Jamie Cook, TCU

Carly Lombard, TCU

Josie Mootz, TCU

Janelle Henningsen, TCU


Second Team

Gia Gulino, Baylor

Caroline Weaver, Baylor

Abbi Demel, Baylor

Kacie Scharf, Baylor

Natalie Alcorn, Oklahoma State

Abigail Brayman, Oklahoma State

Hunter De Jane, Oklahoma State

Elena Hurd, TCU


Honorable Mention

Clara Johnson, Baylor

Sydney Scheckel, Baylor

Molly Dunn, Oklahoma State

Cassidy Wilbourn, Oklahoma State

Cydney Benes, TCU

Alex Beneson, TCU

Raegan Rast, TCU

Grace Upshaw, TCU


Big 12 Equestrian Riders Named to APHA Academic Honor Roll

Brookie Bancroft, Baylor

Sage Banta, Baylor

Nicole Begala, Baylor

Gabby Bendall, Baylor

Kammie Berns, Baylor

Sarah Boral, Baylor

Tyler Bui, Baylor

Katie Cardenas, Baylor

Maddie Chenoweth, Baylor

Aspen Crew, Baylor

Kaylynn DeBernard, Baylor

Corinne Delius, Baylor

Mackenzie Ennis, Baylor

Samantha Howell, Baylor

Samantha Matthews, Baylor

Eva Morrison, Baylor

Julia Rodriguez, Baylor

Taylor Serrano, Baylor

Briana Sessa, Baylor

Shyanne Smith, Baylor

Mattie Alewine, Oklahoma State

Amanda Atkins, Oklahoma State

Anna Baird, Oklahoma State

Mackenzie Chapman, Oklahoma State

Sarah Clymer, Oklahoma State

Megan Donald, Oklahoma State

Sydnee Gemar, Oklahoma State

Taylor Hickam, Oklahoma State

Paige Kemper, Oklahoma State

Kalin Koechel, Oklahoma State

Kinsey McDougald, Oklahoma State

Addie Minnick, Oklahoma State

Lauren Moorhead, Oklahoma State

Kathryn Rippetoe, Oklahoma State

Caitlyn Sanchez, Oklahoma State

Amber Smith, Oklahoma State

Laska Anderson, TCU

Olivia Cerino, TCU

Emma Edwards, TCU

Kathleen Harrigan, TCU

Anna Hauter, TCU

Marah Huston, TCU

Kassi Jones, TCU

Courtney May, TCU

MG Reed, TCU

Jada Taylor, TCU

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