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Football Early and Special Date TV Selections Finalized
May 30, 2019

Big 12 Conference 2019 football television selections for the first three weeks of the season and special dates have been finalized.

Times and network designations that have yet to be determined will be announced when assigned.

Every home Big 12 football game is available for telecast, in accordance with the Conference’s 13-year joint agreement with ESPN and FOX Sports. Each league member is allotted one member institution retained football game (MIRFG) for telecast on an institutional platform or ESPN+. Per Big 12 contractual agreements, at least four non-Saturday games will be played annually.

Games designated for ESPN+ will be part of the Big 12’s new subscription-based digital platform.

All remaining Big 12 package television selections will be announced on a 12-day or six-day basis throughout the season.

The Big 12 Football Schedule is located at:

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