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2009 Big 12 Tennis Championship Quotes - Day 2
April 24, 2009

Headington Tennis Center - Norman, Okla.
Friday, April 24
Day 2 Quotes 

Head coach Joey Scrivano

On the match:
“Missouri came out and played some good tennis today. Fortunately, we played well enough to win. When you’re in tournament play, that’s all the matters -- trying to get four points and trying to advance.”

On Saturday’s semifinals:
“Regardless of who it is, we’re going to have to play well. There’s a lot of teams here who are capable of beating us. We’ve got to perform. We’ve got to show up and really play focused tennis. Hopefully, we’ll do that.”

On Oklahoma’s facilities:
“Oklahoma does a great job hosting this event. They hosted it in 2004 and did a great job with it then. They’re continuing to do a great job. The indoor facility is impressive, so its a good thing for the Big 12. It’s not only good for Oklahoma; it’s good for the Big 12.”

Sophomore Taylor Ormond
On the match:
“We played a great doubles and got the point fairly quickly. In singles, I think we all came out ready to play, wanting to see who could finish three singles first.  In know I played (Missouri’s Jessica Giuggioli) earlier in the year and I went three sets with her. So, I played much better today.”

Head coach Blake Starkey

On the match:
“I think in spots we played, maybe, a little intimidated.  Just in a couple of spots. Baylor is not just one of the premier teams in the conference, they are literally one of the better teams in the nation. When it was over, I told (Baylor head coach) Joey (Scrivano) to go win the whole thing if you can. I’m very proud of my team. We’ve put ourselves in position to win all year long. Certainly have had some highlights. We just got outplayed today by a strong team, period.”

Head coach James Wadley

On the match:
“We had a chance to win the doubles, at No. 3 doubles. We won at No. 1 doubles, another great match against the 12th-ranked (doubles) team in the country.  We won No. 1 doubles and we were two points away from winning No. 3 doubles and they came back and beat us. So, we lost the doubles point and knew we would have to come back  and win four singles.  That’s what we did down at Texas Tech this last weekend and we had to do the same thing today.

“Fortunately, today, we had four guys come through for us.  We won at No. 1, won quickly at No. 4. (Anton) Bobytskyi won and he was the clinching match down at Texas Tech, but he won it easily this time. Won at No. 6 in straight sets. I really proud of the way the guys hustled and fought. I thought are guys kept their composure really well and battled tough conditions against a very, very well-coached and talented Texas Tech team. We are really proud of the win today.”

On the Saturday semifinal matchup versus Baylor:
“Baylor is obviously the class of the Big 12. They are a quality team.  Their depth is really, really good. They’ve got the No. 4 ranked player in the country.  They beat us down there (in Waco), just kicked us.  Hopefully, we can play a little better tomorrow and give them a little more of a contest.”

Sophomore Mikhail Trukshanin
On the match:
“It was a pretty hard game, I had lost to (Texas Tech’s Michael Breler) before. We lost doubles for the third time to this team and so we needed to win four singles. The game before, I lost my game but another four guys won.  Today, I saw that three guys were losing so I had to win. We’ve had four or five matches like this this season and some days some guys win and other days other guys win, so I think we have a good team.”

Head coach Tim Siegel

On the match:
“It was incredibly disappointing.  Another 4-3 loss after being up 3-1 but, unfortunately our seniors didn’t get it done.  All the credit goes to Oklahoma State -- a great win. We’ll get ready for the NCAAs.”

On the Big 12 Championship experience:
“Oklahoma’s done a great job putting this on. It’s been a fantastic venue. The hotels are great; the facilities are great. Everybody’s done a great job. We appreciate being here. Unfortunately, our stay was short.”

Head coach Steve Denton

On the match:
“The conditions were pretty tough, obviously, on both sides.  The wind wreaks havoc with the ball. Really, whoever handled adversity best would win.  I thought be did a good job in the doubles to get the doubles point. We got a lead in some singles matches and its pretty tough to come back.  Mentally, its a grind on you when you’re out here battling the conditions like they are. I thought our guys, after the doubles, did a good job of getting on top in the singles.  That was the major difference.”

On the Big 12 Championship experience:
“It was good to get a win under our belts. Besides from the wind, its been great here. These guys have to learn to play in adverse conditions.  This certainly tests you.  Hopefully, this will be good for us down the road. Maybe we’ll see these kinds of conditions in the NCAA tournament, so we’ll be ready.”

Freshman Colin Hoover
On the match:
“I didn’t know the scores in the other (matches). I figured we were up 3-1 because I saw some of the other guys off the court already. I just stayed focused on my match and played it one point at a time.  I was down to the tiebreaker and I’ve never been one to give up. I’ve come back from some of those before this year, so it was just another comeback. It was a good win and you know its going to come down to the very end. You just have to keep fighting and stay focused on your match.”

On the wind:
“You never want to play in it. But it was an advantage for me because this is all I played in growing up. I don’t like it as much as anybody else but I know how to play in it. It’s definitely a challenge and you’ve got to enjoy winning in this weather because you know you’ve fought a challenge.”

Head coach Kerry McDermott

On the match:
“It was a tough one. We knew we had a tough match ahead of us at the start of the day. They did a really good job of securing the doubles point, especially the No. 1 and No. 2 positions.  They were just much stronger at 1 and 2.

“In singles, we thought it would be a very competitive match, and it was. Our No. 1 singles, they had an opportunity to win that before the match finished. We stretched them out a couple matches and they played big when they needed to.  When they needed to be a more aggressive, a little smarter, they came up with the good.  Tough match, overall, to lose.”

Head coach Scott Jacobsen

On the match:
“Today, I think, the difference was the way we started the match in doubles.  It’s been a while since we got a doubles point. Our energy was right from the beginning of the match to the end of the match. So, I’m very, very proud of the kids for the way we competed. Tomorrow, we get a chance to play against one of the better teams in the country and I think the kids are excited about that opportunity.”

On Oklahoma’s facilities:
“Well, it’s definitely one of the best facilities in the country. The indoor facility that backs up to the outdoor facility is state-of-the-art. There aren’t a whole lot of comparable facilities that are as nice as the one here at the University of Oklahoma. It’s a great place to be, tremendous environment and, really, a great place for our kids to finish their regular season at the Big 12 Conference tournament.”

Sophomore Jana Albers
On the match:
“I thought it was a challenge today with the wind. But, I got through it pretty good and learned how to handle it. The energy level was really high today. We came out in doubles with really good energy.”

Head coach Nicole Kenneally

On the match:
“It was a tough one.  We had a great match with them Sunday and we were hoping to chance to score around today. It was a great fight by our girls in singles and doubles but, unfortunately, today it just wasn’t quite good enough. That’s why you come out and play and compete. You work hard and do all those things for those opportunities. Unfortunately, we weren’t where we quite wanted to be today. Nebraska played well. All credit to them. We wish them luck tomorrow."

Head Coach Patty Fendick-McCain

On the match:
“I was very pleased today. We actually battled hard with Texas Tech earlier this season. We got them in Lubbock with a 4-3 win. We were ready to play today. The girls were fired up and wanted to get out again with them. Really please with them. They stepped up and played good tennis today.”

On Saturday’s semifinal matchup:
“We’re just looking forward to a new day. Every day brings a new challenge. We’re ready to go. We’re right where we want to be at this part of the season.” 

On Oklahoma’s facilities:
“Wonderful facilities. The indoor facility is beautiful; so are the courts. (Oklahoma’s) done a fantastic job.” 

Freshman Krista Damico
On the match:
“We definitely came into this match knowing they were going to play tough.  During our season we had a tough match with them, so we just wanted to come out and be on top of everything.  I feel like we were a lot more focused and everyone knew it was just time to step up and everyone came through.”

Head coach Todd Petty

On the match:
“It was disappointing. I thought everyone played hard. We ran into a very good Texas team. They are very talented. Kind of let the doubles point slip away, but all the credit to Texas. They deserved it today. They were the better team today."

Head coach Michael Center

On the match:
“We got off to a great start today in doubles. Our energy level was particularly good and we got the momentum. I thought we had a great start in singles, so we had the pressure on them pretty much the entire match today.”

On the Saturday semifinal matchup:
“We’ve got to play the (Texas A&M) Aggies. We just lost to them in College Station last week. They’ve got a great team. They’ve got some All-America caliber players so we know we’ll have to bring our ĎA’ game tomorrow.” 

On the Big 12 Championship experience:
“I think Oklahoma has done a great job. I think the facility is outstanding. The outdoor facility is really nice and the addition of this indoor facility is spectacular.  We’ve got a great venue here.”

Junior Dimitar Kutrovsky
On the match:
“We played against the same (doubles) team last time during conference and we lost to them 9-8, so we knew they were really tough and really solid. We got off to a pretty good start. We broke them and then we played some pretty tough games in the doubles.

“In the singles, I had lost my match again (to Oklahoma’s Andrei Daescu during the conference season), so I knew he was a good player and I had to bring it.  I knew the weather was going to be a factor today. So, I tried to fight as hard as I can and not get frustrated with the weather just to capitalize on my opportunities.”

Head coach Paul Lockwood

On the match:
“I’m disappointed in the outcome. I don’ t think we played very well. In doubles, it seemed like we started out poorly and we never recuperated from that. Texas probably had a lot to do with that but we played a month ago and I thought we competed a lot better, played a lot better. Hats off to Texas. Hopefully, we’ll make the NCAA tournament here in a few days.”

On the Big 12 Championship experience:
“Well, that’s the bright spot of it all -- you get to showcase our first-class facility and get fans from all the schools to come in and see what we have.  I’m glad to have hosted it and I’m looking forward to hosting again in 2013.”

Head coach Bobby Kleinecke

On the match:
“It was a really hard day to play. With the wind and everything, I don’t think anybody came out and played their best tennis. You did what you had to do. We wanted to come away with the doubles point, which we did. We did a good job at No. 1 doubles.  We lost to them during the year so it was a good job of them coming away and winning that.  That really helped us out.

“In the singles, I thought OSU played a really tough match. They did that the last time we played them, too. Commend them for their fight.” 

On the Saturday semifinal matchup with Texas:
“We’re excited to play Texas. I think this is a match we’ve been looking forward to since the first of March when we played them the last time. A&M and Texas -- I don’t think you need to say anymore.” 

On the Big 12 Championship environment:
“I think Oklahoma’s done a great job. This is a great facility here. It brings back great memories for me because the last time we played the conference tournament here, we came away with the championship.  I was standing around, thinking about that a little earlier today before things ever got started.

“I think with the addition of the indoor, that’s going to help all of us in the conference. Not a lot of us have indoor places on campus, especially right next to the (outdoor) courts.”

Junior Elze Potgieter
On the match:
“The wind was pretty bad. We just all fought through it. It’s just like -- it’s not pretty, we’re not going to get the shots we like, we’re going to have to make some sacrifices.   As a team, I know we really wanted this win and we really want to take on Texas tomorrow.”

Head coach Julius Lubicz-Majewski

On the match:
“I give credit to Texas A&M. They played well and won their doubles point and changed the momentum. Our girls were a little bit fragile, you could see, and the wind didn’t help us. It’s emotional for our senior, Maryna Tkachenko. That’s her last match. She was playing very well; she won the first set. Texas A&M is a good team. It’s not a shame to lose to them.  Of course, we were hoping to win.”

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