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February 25
February 26
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10:30 AM 60m Hurdles W Pentathlon
10:50 AM 60m Dash M Heptathlon
11:15 AM (est) High Jump W Pentathlon
11:30 AM (est) Long Jump M Heptathlon
12:45 PM (est) Shot Put M Heptathlon
2:00 PM (est) Shot Put W Pentathlon
2:00 PM (est) High Jump M Heptathlon
3:15 PM (est) Long Jump W Pentathlon
4:30 PM (est) 800m Run W Pentathlon
3:30 PM Weight Throw M Trials & Final
4:00 PM Pole Vault M Final
4:30 PM Long Jump W Trials & Final
6:30 PM Weight Throw W Trials & Final
6:30 PM Long jump M Trials & Final
2:00 PM 60m Hurdles W Prelim
2:15 PM 60m Hurdles M Prelim
2:30 PM 60m Dash W Prelim
2:45 PM 60m Dash M Prelim
3:00 PM Mile Run W Prelim
3:20 PM Mile Run M Prelim
3:50 PM 60m Hurdles W Semi
4:00 PM 60m Hurdles M Semi
4:10 PM 60m Dash W Semi
4:20 PM 60m Dash M Semi
4:30 PM 800m Run Pentathlon
4:35 PM 600y Run W Prelim
4:55 PM 600y Run M Prelim
5:15 PM 400m Dash W Prelim
5:35 PM 400m Dash M Prelim
5:55 PM 1,000m Run W Prelim
6:15 PM 1,000m Run M Prelim
6:35 PM 800m Run W Prelim
6:55 PM 800m Run M Prelim
7:15 PM 200m Dash W Prelim
7:35 PM 200m Dash M Prelim
7:55 PM 5,000m Run W Final
8:20 PM 5,000m Run M Final
8:45 PM DMR W Final
9:05 PM DMR M Final
10:00 AM 60m Hurdles M Heptathlon
11:00 AM (est) Pole Vault M Heptathlon
2:30 PM (est) 1,000 m Run M Heptathlon
1:30 PM Triple Jump W Trials & Final
2:00 PM High Jump M Final
2:15 PM Shot Put M Trials & Final
3:00 PM Pole Vault W Final
4:00 PM Triple Jump M Trials & Final
4:30 PM High Jump W Final
4:45 PM Shot Put W Trials & Final
2:30 PM 1,000m Run M Heptathlon
3:00 PM 60m Hurdles W Final
3:05 PM 60m Hurdles M Final
3:10 PM 60m Dash W Final
3:15 PM 60m Dash M Final
3:25 PM Mile Run W Final
3:35 PM Mile Run M Final
3:45 PM 600y Run W Final (2 sect.)
3:55 PM 600y Run M Final (2 sect.)
4:05 PM 400m Dash W Final (2 sect.)
4:15 PM 400m Dash M Final (2 sect.)
4:25 PM 1,000m Run W Final
4:35 PM 1,000m Run M Final
4:45 PM 800m Run W Final
4:55 PM 800m Run M Final
5:05 PM 200m Dash W Final (2 sect.)
5:15 PM 200m Dash M Final (2 sect.)
5:25 PM 3,000m Run W Final (2 sect.)
5:55 PM 3,000m Run M Final (2 sect.)
6:30 PM 4x400m Relay W Final (2 sect.)
6:45 PM 4x400m Relay M Final (2 sect.)
7:15 PM (est) Awards Ceremony

The 2011 Big 12 Indoor Track & Field Championships will take place Feb. 25-26 at the Devaney Center in Lincoln, Neb. This marks the ninth time Nebraska has hosted the event. The indoor facility features a hydraulic-banked track, one of just four in the nation and eight in the world.

The 200-meter track, which was manufactured 6,000 miles from Lincoln in Gallo d'Alba, Italy, has the largest radius (67 feet) of any indoor-banked track in the world.

The Devaney Center accommodates up to 5,000 spectators for all track and field events and holds the distinction of having hosted the final Big Eight Indoor Championships in 1996 and the first-ever Big 12 meet in 1997.

Last season, Oklahoma captured its first men's indoor conference final, while the Texas A&M women earned their fourth consecutive crown. Nebraska tops the conference in both the men's and women's titles, leading the league with nine men's championships (1997-98, 2000-05, '07). The Husker women (1997, 2000-01, 2004-05) are tied with the Longhorns (1998-99, 2002-03, '06) at five each.


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