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Texas Women Finish Sixth at NCAA Swimming and Diving Championship
March 20, 2011

The Texas women's team placed sixth at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championship in Austin, Texas followed by Texas A&M and Missouri who finished in 10th and 23rd, respectively. 

Paced by three top-five finishes from junior Karlee Bispo, the Longhorns compiled three top-six relay times, a sixth-place mark by Laura Sogar in the 200 breaststroke and a pair of top-eight scores from divers Shelby Cullinan and Maren Taylor. UT totalled 232 points to lead all conference participants.

The Aggies collected 182 points and were lead by freshman Breeja Larson. Larson took home second-place finishes in the 100 and 200 breaststoke events as teammate and fellow freshman Cammile Adams earned silver in the 200 butterfly. The Aggies added a fourth-place finish by Janie Potvin in the platform dive along with two individual top-eight performances and a fifth-place finish in the 200 medley relay.

Missouri, who finished with 40 points, was led by Loren Figueroa and Dominique Bouchard, who placed second in the one-meter event and the 200 backstroke, respectively.

California won its second NCAA team title in the past three years with a total of 424 points. Georgia was second with 394.5 points, and Southern California finished third with 351. Stanford was fourth with 272 points, followed by Arizona with 266.

200 Freestyle Relay
3. Texas, 1:28.06 (Amundsen, Adams, Lobb, Bispo)

200 IM
3. Karlee Bispo, Texas, 1:55.07

1-meter Diving
2. Loren Figueroa, Missouri, 335.30

200 Medley Relay
5. Texas A&M, 1:36.81 (Simpson, Larson, Miller, Sommer)
7. Texas, 1:37.39 (Moldenhauer, Sogar, Lobb, Adams)

400 IM
6. Sarah Henry, Texas A&M, 4:05.30

200 Freestyle
4. Karlee Bispo, Texas, 1:42.81

100 Backstroke
2. Breeja Larson, Texas A&M, 58.51

100 Breaststroke
7. Laura Sogar, Texas, 59:60

100 Backstroke
8. Paige Miller, Texas A&M, 52.57

3-Meter Diving
7. Shelby Cullinan, Texas, 345.50
8. Maren Taylor, Texas, 334.20

800 Freestyle Relay
4. Texas, 7:00.87 (Bispo, Riefenstahl, Woods, Tucker)

200 Backstroke
2. Dominique Bouchard, Missouri, 1:51.54

100 Freestyle
4. Karlee Bispo, Texas, 48.02

200 Breaststroke
2. Breeja Larson, Texas A&M, 2:06.18
6. Laura Sogar, Texas, 2:08.32

200 Butterfly
2. Cammile Adams, Texas A&M, 1:52.93

Platform Diving
4. Janie Potvin, Texas A&M, 314.15

400 Freestyle Relay
6. Texas, 3:13.77 (Bispo, Amundsen, Adams, Tucker)

Team Results
6. Texas, 311
10. Texas A&M, 182
23. Missouri, 40

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