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During each men’s basketball contest televised on the Big 12 Network during the 2009 conference season, Motel 6 will sponsor the “Motel 6 Sixth Man of the Game”. This honor recognizes the top non-starter from each Big 12 Network contest. Be sure to check back here for the latest honorees and watch all your favorite Big 12 teams on your local Big 12 Network affiliate!

(For a list of local affiliates for this week’s games, check out the Big 12 Release).

March 3
Kansas State at Kansas: Markieff Morris, KU (10 points, 9 rebounds)

February 27
Iowa State at Colorado: Casey Crawford, CU (10 points, 3 rebounds)
Texas Tech at Nebraska: Brandon Richardson, NU (15 points, 7 rebounds)
Baylor at Oklahoma: Ryan Wright, OU (14 points, 5 rebounds)

February 23
Kansas State at Texas Tech: Jamar Samuels, KSU (14 points, 11 rebounds)

February 20
Missour at Nebraska: Marcus Denmon, MU (24 points, 2 rebounds) 
Colorado at Kansas: Markieff Morris, KU (11 points, 7 rebounds)
Texas A&M at Iowa State: BJ Holmes, TAMU (9 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists)
Baylor at Oklahoma State: Quincy Acy, BU (11 points, 5 rebounds)

February 17
Oklahoma State at Iowa State: Marshall Moses, OSU (3 points, 4 rebounds)

February 13
Nebraska at Texas: Gary Johnson, UT (13 points, 9 rebounds)
Missouri at Baylor: Quincy Acy, BU (12 points, 11 rebounds)
Colorado at Kansas State: Jamar Samuels, KSU (12 points, 5 rebounds)

February 9
Texas Tech at Oklahoma: Tiny Gallo, OU (13 points, 5 rebounds)

February 6
Baylor at Texas A&M: Ray Turner, A&M (7 points, 5 rebounds)
Missouri at Colorado: Marcus Denmon, MU (22 points, 6 rebounds)
Oklahoma State at Texas Tech: Marshall Moses, OSU (9 points, 8 rebounds)

February 2
Kansas State at Nebraska: Jamar Samuels, KSU (15 points, 9 rebounds)

January 30
Baylor at Texas: A.J. Walton, BU (14 points, 6 steals)

January 27
Iowa State at Oklahoma: Craig Brackins, ISU (13 points, 6 rebounds)

January 23
Oklahoma State at Kansas State: Rodney McGruder, KSU (10 points, 4 rebounds)
Nebraska at Missouri: Miguel Paul, MU (15 points, 5-6 FG)
Colorado at Texas A&M: Dwight Thorne II, CU (10 points, 4 rebounds) and B.J. Holmes, A&M (7 points, 3 steals)

January 19
Oklahoma at Texas A&M: B.J. Holmes, A&M (13 points)

January 16
Texas Tech at Kansas: Brody Morningstar, KU (8 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists)
Kansas State at Colorado: Rodney McGruder, KSU (10 points, 5 rebounds)
Oklahoma State at Baylor: Quincy Acy, BU (12 points, 5 rebounds)

January 13
Texas at Iowa State: Justin Hamilton, UT (11 points, 2-of-4 from 3-point range)

January 9
Colorado at Texas: Gary Johnson, UT (16 points, 3 rebounds)
Nebraska at Texas A&M: Christian Standhardinger, NU (13 points, 7 rebounds)
Oklahoma at Baylor: A.J. Walton, BU (7 points, 4 rebounds)

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