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Big 12 Football Week 12 Notes
November 12, 2013

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The frantic finish to the Big 12 regular season continues with six games remaining that will feature the teams in the top half of the standings, including the top three teams against each other.

No league has more Top 25 conference game match-ups over the remaining weeks of the season than the Big 12 (based on this week’s BCS Standings).

Fifty percent of Big 12 teams are bowl-eligible. Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech have all reached six wins. Three other Conference squads still have the opportunity to reach bowls.

Since going to a 10-team lineup the Big 12 has over-qualified bowl teams each season –  nine bowl teams in 2012 (contractually had eight spots) and eight bowl teams in 2011 (contractually had seven spots).

The Big 12 is one of two leagues (Big Ten) among peer conferences with two squads that are undefeated in league play.

Baylor is one of the six remaining undefeated teams in the FBS and one of four among the power leagues. Baylor is the only of the six that has two games remaining against current BCS Top 25 teams.

The parity in the Big 12 remains evident as for the fourth time this season a ranked team lost to an unranked Conference opponent. Since round robin scheduling began in 2011, the Big 12 has had 16 such games – the most among peer conferences (ACC: 15, Pac-12: 13, Big Ten: 12, SEC: 5).

It’s a tough road remaining for Big 12 teams with a look at games left and those against ranked Conference opponents.                   
   Oklahoma State - 3/3
   Texas Tech - 2/2
   Texas - 3/2
   Baylor - 4/2 
   TCU - 2/1 
   Iowa State - 3/1
   K-State - 3/1
   Oklahoma - 3/1


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