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2009 Big 12 Indoor Track & Field Championships Quotes - Day 2
February 28, 2009

2009 Indoor Track & Field Championships
College Station, Texas
Individual Champion Quotes
Feb. 28, 2009

Jenny Barringer, Colorado
Women’s Mile Run
“I am really excited. You come to these meets knowing what is inside of you, what you are capable of but it’s amazing to see it come out. Despite all of my accolades, I have very few conference championships so to win a Big 12 title for me is a really big deal. I came into today with a time goal but ultimately to win a championship.

“Winning today was very important both mentally and physically going into nationals knowing you have met your certain goals. It gives you confidence. I need to go in level-headed and stay calm while keeping my confidence going to nationals.  We are all equals on that starting line and it comes down to what you have inside of you.”

Jessica Beard, Texas A&M
Women’s 400-Meter Dash
“It feels really good being able to score points for the team. That always means a lot to us. I’m happy that I set a personal record. That’s really important to me too – not only winning, but setting a personal best and continuing to boost the team. I think this win at home is more special because of the environment and the crowd. There’s no spirit greater than ours. I was thinking more of trying to do my best and to contribute as many points as I can.”

German Fernandez, Oklahoma State
Men’s 3,000-Meter Run
“I just treated this as another race. I went out there and set a goal for myself, which was to set a new (personal record), and I did. I ran on one like this at Arkansas. This track is a little more banked than the other one, but I like it. It was a fast track.”

Raymond Harris, Texas
Men’s High Jump
“I felt confident coming in today. There were a lot of good jumpers out here, but I knew if I kept my focus I would be able to achieve it. This is one thing down, one more to go with indoor nationals. It definitely gives me motivation to keep working and training hard. Between that, getting some rest and watching video to prepare mentally, I will be ready in a couple of weeks.”

Trey Harts, Baylor
Men’s 60-Meter Dash
“I feel great. I really wasn’t coming into this meet today expecting to win the 60. I just wanted to be competitive but I had a good day today and came out with a victory. I was ultimately trying to improve my time and better myself. Although this win felt great, I need to reset and go into nationals with a clean state. I could run well, I could run bad; you just don’t know. I just hope to stay consistent and do my best.”

“It still hasn’t sunk in yet. All my adrenaline is pumping, but I know it will feel pretty nice once I am able to calm down and realize what happened a couple of seconds ago. I felt good running my 200 even though I had a little stumble on the second curve but was luckily able to recover and still come up with a victory although it did throw me off my pace I was hoping for. I never thought I would be walking away with two individual titles. I ran the fastest time in the country yesterday, so I definitely have a high standard to uphold for nationals. I would like to win a national championship so we’ll see what happens in a few weeks.”

“I am feeling pretty good but am definitely tired. The 4x400 went okay. I didn’t run as quite as fast as I wanted to, but we were still able to come up with a victory.  I just wanted to come in here and do my best. It went a lot better than I expected though – walking away with three championships. It was a great meet in my book.”

Jacob Hernandez, Texas
Men’s 800-Meter Run
“The Big-12 Championship is something everyone gets up for. To come out here and have a three-peat is incredible. It’s the way I wanted to go out in my senior year. I wanted to take it out in a decent pace. It was a good field, so I felt if I did that and the guys challenged me, I’d have enough left.”

Destinee Hooker, Texas
Women’s High Jump
“It is a huge accomplishment compared to my first meet of the year when I jumped 6-3.25 and then went down to 5-11 and up to 6-1. I think overall I am just happy with my performance; I couldn’t put it any other way.

“I got asked if they (the other high jump girls) could do the clap for me, but that throws me off because as they start jumping faster it gets me off rhythm. The support all around was great. My parents are here, I looked up, and they were just sitting there waving. That’s why I was crying so much after. They said, ‘Are you sad you missed 6-6?’ and I said, ‘No, it’s because I’m happy I made 6-4.’ It was happy tears. Even though the stadium was Texas A&M and Texas, I couldn’t even tell -- that was the best thing about the crowd.

“I had a plan. I asked coach what I should do next, and she said go up to 6-1.25. So I said okay, and then after that I went up to 6-2.75. That’s a stadium record and a PR for me at this track. Basically my goal was to go up two inches, and then after I cleared 6-4 on the first try I thought ‘Okay I haven’t cleared 6-6 yet at all’ so I thought I would go for it.”

Nicole Jones, Baylor
Women’s 1,000-Meter Run
“(The win) means a lot more than the first time I did it. That first time was an experiment. I had never run it before, so it was strictly fun. But then I won again last year, and I thought, ‘Hey, I can do something that has not been accomplished before — to win four conference titles in the same event.’ The pressure was on a lot more this year, so I had a lot more adrenaline and a bigger sense of pride to win.”

Sally Kipyego, Texas Tech
Women’s 3,000-Meter Run
“I just wanted to run and, hopefully, get a title, and help our team out. I wanted to run a consistent pace and that’s what I was able to do. I am grateful I could get out there and win. I had never raced (at Gilliam Stadium) before. The track was really good. It was fast, and I liked the way it ran. It was real compact, and it’s not bouncy.”

Patience Knight, Texas Tech
Women’s Shot Put
“I have been trying to throw like this all semester and I feel like I am on a roll now. The momentum of winning the championship is going to help carry me into nationals.”

Shannon Leinert, Missouri
Women’s 800-Meter Run
“This is my first time in the Big 12 Conference, so winning today was really exciting. I was nervous coming in even though I was ranked first because there is unspoken pressure of winning.  So even though I was coming in with a championship mindset, I definitely had some mixed emotions. I am excited for nationals and I hope the best time I can get will come out of me.”

Keith Lloyd, Nebraska
Men’s Shot Put
“I was leading going into the final throw, but I thought, ‘He’s a freshman; this is my year.’ I was hoping to get a better provisional mark to make nationals, but I didn’t. Next week I’ll be in a last-chance meet, which is something I did not want to do.”

Porscha Lucas, Texas A&M
Women’s 200-Meter Dash
“Winning meets like this is always an honor. I was excited to get points for the team, so we can hopefully come out with a team title. It is so great winning at home, having the Aggie crowd behind us while we are running. I felt confident coming in today, and I have been working well in practice and ran well yesterday. I just hope to keep doing what I am doing for nationals and hope to set a PR there.”

Gabby Mayo, Texas A&M
Women’s 60-Meter Dash
“I was kind of nervous today, I’m not sure why. I was just happy I came out on top. My year is getting better and better.

"The crowd pulling for me was a big advantage. But if you have your race together, you should be able to win anywhere.”

“I thought I got off to a horrible start in the hurdles. I kind of stumbled, but I felt I had to catch up. I have a quick start so I think that’s to my advantage. It was hard to come back. I’m so tired. So I just got up and brought my A game. I’ve done it before."

Omoghan Osaghae, Texas Tech
Men’s 60-Meter Hurdles
“I liked the new surface. It felt real good and real fast. It’s the same one we have at (Texas Tech). You can tell the difference when you run on it, compared to the old surface.

“The competition was really tough. It felt good because I’m coming off a (severe ankle sprain) and this was just my second meet back, so I wasn’t real sure about my abilities.”

Patrick Todd, Texas
Men’s 1,000-Meter Run
“I had two other teammates in the race, so the strategy was to stick together, push the pace and finish 1-2-3. And it went as well as I could have planned.”

Sandy Wooten, Texas A&M
Women’s 600-Yard Run
“Yesterday I went out too fast, so my coach told me if I took a little bit off and paced myself. I had a shot at winning it, and I did that. I executed what he told me to do and ran my race.

“The 600 is new to me. I ran the 400, but coach wanted more options for me. I’m happy and excited, this being my third time to run it.”


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