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2009 Big 12 Tennis Championship Quotes - Day 3
April 18, 2009

Headington Tennis Center - Norman, Okla.
Saturday, April 25
Day 3 Quotes

Head coach Matt Knoll

On the match:
“I thought Oklahoma State did a great job.  They made it tough for us. We had to fight on every court.  I think it’s a real credit to (Oklahoma State) Coach (James) Wadley that those guys game out and played us so tough.”

On the championship matchup with Texas:
“I think Texas, by far, has the most talented team in the league. They were No. 2 in the country at the beginning of the season and made the final last year. We know that we are going to have our hands full. We’ll have to play our best tennis to have a chance.”

 On the Big 12 Championship venue:
“It’s been fantastic. I’m really happy OU’s made such an investment in our sport. These facilities are just world class. We’re fortunate to have them leading the way in our conference.”

Sophomore Jordan Rux
On the match:
“It started off pretty well. I thought I was playing really well. Then, in the second set, I was struggling to maintain a lead.  I don’t like to talk too much about the weather conditions, but they were definitely a factor today.”

 On Sunday’s championship matchup versus Texas:
“I think, with the wind, we should have an advantage.”

Head coach James Wadley

On the match:
“Baylor was just too tough. Conditions were tough, but Baylor handled them a little better than we did. I thought they played really well, really solid. Our guys competed really hard until the end and I was proud of that. Baylor’s a very good team and that’s why they were Big 12 champions of the regular season and they will be in there in the finals.”

Head coach Michael Center

On the match:
“Overall, I thought it was the best performance we’ve had all year. I thought our doubles play was outstanding. We competed in all three spots. Conditions were pretty tough, but I felt like we were putting pressure on them across the board. Then we had a great start in the singles. We lost six first sets last week against them and won four first sets today. So, great effort by our guys.”

On Sunday’s championship match versus Baylor:
“It will be the fourth year in a row we’ve played them (in the Big 12 final). They’ve got a great team. We’ll enjoy this victory, but tomorrow we’re going to come out and be ready to go.”

Sophomore Kellen Damico
On the match:
“We came out and had a lot of energy. We knew they were good and that we had to play well to beat them. We all came together and played really well.  Those kids are good and I think this is the first match where we all felt like we were in control of what we were doing.”

Head coach Steve Denton

On the match:
“Another close match with Texas. They are a very good team. We had our shot to win the doubles and we didn’t. That came back to bite us a little bit. We were in a couple matches over here. (Colin) Hoover’s match, we were in 4-0 up in the second and couldn’t quite close the door in the second set. That’s the way these matches go. They’re close, obviously. Just a few points here of there and I thought they handled it better than we did today and they won the game points.”

Head Coach Patty Fendick-McCain

On the match:
“It was exciting tennis. I’m glad we won that doubles point. It gave us a little bit of a breather. Our girls fought hard. The conditions were just brutal. The wind, I think, maybe favored them a little bit. Wind is a great equalizer. I’m proud of how our girls stepped up.”

Junior Sarah Lancaster
On the match:
“It was huge to get the doubles point to start off because we knew we needed to win three singles matches. A&M’s usually good at doubles; they always come out strong. We knew that was going to happen so getting the doubles point was huge.”

Head coach Bobby Kleinecke

On the match:
“We’re not satisfied. This is not a match we came in to play close and lose. It came down to the wire. Give Texas credit, I think the difference in this match is that they stepped up at the right times.  They stepped up when the match was on the line and we didn’t.

“It’s got to hurt because you laid it all out there. And that’s the positive -- we laid it all out there today.”

Head coach Joey Scrivano

On the match:
“Nebraska came out and played really well today. They pushed us in a lot of positions. We really had to dig down deep and figure out a way to win and thankfully we did.”

On getting production from the bottom of his lineup:
“Nebraska has a very strong top of the lineup and they can push anybody in the country in my opinion. We knew we were in for a tough test at all positions, but especially at the top. It is good when you can win matches with different players pulling out wins. I am proud of the way our bottom played.”

On doubles play:
“I was proud of the way we played doubles today. We were better than yesterday.  We are moving in the right direction, but we have played a lot of tennis in a short period of time. It will be nice when we can get this tournament behind us and get back to the practice court and work on some things.”

On tomorrow’s potential match-up with Texas or Texas A&M:
“Anytime you play an in-state rival, it is a great match and it is a match that we are definitely going to get up for. Add that it is the Big 12 Championship match; it is going to be a lot of fun. It is going to be real exciting.”

Head coach Scott Jacobsen

On the match:
“Here’s the team that’s No. 5 in the country in Baylor University.  I know our kids thought they could win today. They played in a fashion that they could get it done. The difference maker was Baylor’s depth.

“They have six awfully incredible singles players and I think their doubles was probably the strongest I’ve seen. Yet, when we finished, we were ahead at No. 1 singles and No. 2 singles and a real tight match at No. 4 singles. So, we had some opportunities. Credit to Baylor’s depth. They’re just too deep and we’re just not at the level they are. I’m really proud of the kids and the way they competed today and all season long.”

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