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Still The Same
June 02, 2011
By Wendell Barnhouse | Correspondent

While it will embark on a new 10-team era starting July 1, the Big 12 Conference has decided to retain its name … and also its logo.

The past year has involved the resolution of the departures of Nebraska and Colorado, the direction of the continuing 10 members and the negotiation of and agreement to a television contract with FOX Media Group that will be a financial windfall starting for the 2012-13 season.

The decision to retain the Big 12 name involved the 15 years of investment in branding the Conference. Working with GSD&M Idea City over the past six months, the Conference considered a number of possible new logos. But with the 2011-12 season drawing near, the decision was made to keep the current logo.

"After much consideration and discussion, we decided it is best that we don't try to update our logo at this time," commissioner Dan Beebe said. "Several factors have weighed in to making this decision."

* There were time concerns about instituting a new logo at the 10 member schools. Placing a new logo on fields, courts, scoreboards, uniforms, venues, printed and video materials can be a time-consuming process. Also, in some cases the Conference logo is combined with a school logo.

* Beebe wants to make sure that the positive momentum created by the Big 12 going forward with 10 teams is maintained.

"We can take time this year and continue to explore our options, even with some outside of our departments, to determine if an update is still acceptable and worthwhile next year."

Just over a week ago, Beebe said that the 10-member Big 12 Conference will retain its current name as it goes forward. The decision to keep the name was made by the league’s board of directors.

"Most people believe that the Big 12 is the name on the banner under which we have competed, under which we’ve won national championships," Beebe said. "I think the name we have is the name we’re going to continue with."

Beebe said that a new branding initiative that will speak to the strength of the continuing 10 members is likely to be debuted during the Big 12’s football media days on July 25-26. The Conference has been working with GSD&M Idea City to develop the new strategies.
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