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Big 12 Acknowledges Football Rules Misapplication
September 09, 2013

The Big 12 Conference acknowledges a misapplication of NCAA Football Rule 9.2.6.a that led to the ejection of Southeastern Louisiana player Cqulin Hubert during Saturday’s game at TCU.  By rule, Mr. Hubert was disqualified from the contest mid-way through the fourth-quarter after being assessed his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of the game.  However, his third-quarter penalty for participating without a helmet should not have been considered an unsportsmanlike act, and therefore Rule 9.2.6.a should not have been applied.

The NCAA narrowed the “Continued Participation Without a Helmet” rule prior to this season to being an unsportsmanlike act only if a player intentionally removes his helmet while the ball is live [9.2.1.a.1(i)].  This matter has been reviewed and appropriate measures have been taken by the Coordinator of Football Officials with the officiating crew involved.

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