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Big 12 Softball Tiebreaking Procedures
April 27, 2009

The postseason Championship shall be a single-elimination format involving all 10 teams.

Seeding for the event will be based upon regular-season competition. No team shall be eligible for seeding in the Big 12 Softball Championship unless it has played a minimum of 60 percent of its conference games on the schedule issued by the Conference office.  Teams that have not completed 60 percent of their games become the lowest seeds in the tournament. The winner of the Big 12 Softball Championship shall be the automatic qualifier to the NCAA Championship.

Tiebreaker: Ties in the Conference standings shall be broken utilizing the following procedures:
 a. Head-to-head competition of tied teams;
 b. Run differential of tied teams;
 c. Run differential of all Conference games;
 d. Won-loss record versus the highest-standing team or teams not involved in ties, commencing with the highest-standing team;
 e. Overall record;
 f. Coin toss.

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