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Staff Responsibilities

Academics David Flores
Academic Awards Program David Flores
Academic Awards Program - Communications Laura Rasmussen
Accounting Steve Pace, Neesha Quinn
Allegations, Conference and NCAA Bob Bowlsby, Keri Mendoza
Athletes/Sportspersons of the Year Joni Lehmann
Awards for Competition Dayna Scherf, Maria Huggins
Board of Directors Bob Bowlsby, Tim Weiser, Melanie Ellis
Building Management Steve Pace, Neesha Quinn
Business Manager Steve Pace
Coaches Certification Keri Mendoza
Community Relations Bob Burda
Compliance Reviews Keri Mendoza
Computer Systems/Electronic Mail Bret Ayers
Conference Grant Program Steve Pace
Directors of Athletics Bob Burda
Directors of Compliance Keri Mendoza
Directors of Student-Athlete Support Services David Flores
Dr. Prentice Gautt Student-Athlete Welfare Committee Edward Stewart, David Flores
Drug Testing Edward Stewart
Eligibility, Forms and Reports Keri Mendoza
Faculty Athletics Representatives Keri Mendoza, David Flores
Financial Aid Keri Mendoza
Game Management John Underwood
Governance, Big 12 and NCAA David Flores
Insurance Steve Pace
Interpretations, NCAA & Conference Rules Keri Mendoza
Legal Affairs Bob Bowlsby
Licensing Tim Allen, Brad Clements
Life-Skills Program/Big 12 Enhancement Fund David Flores
Marketing Bob Burda, Brad Clements
Media Inquiries Bob Burda
Meetings/Events Brad Clements
Merchandising Tim Allen, Brad Clements
National Letter of Intent Keri Mendoza
NCAA Student Funds Neesha Quinn, Keri Mendoza (interpretations)
Olympic Sports Championships Manuals Dru Hancock, Dayna Scherf
Printing and Publications Rob Carolla
Senior Woman Administrators Dru Hancock, Dayna Scherf
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee David Flores
Television - Contracts Bob Bowlsby, Tim Allen
Television - Olympic Sports Dru Hancock, Tim Allen
Television - Staff Liaison Tim Allen
Waivers, NCAA and Conference Keri Mendoza
Website Management Kiron Andersen, Rob Carolla, Mitch Gerber
Women’s Athletics, Primary Administrator Dru Hancock
Staff Liaison Bob Burda
Communications Laura Rasmussen
Officials Rich Fetchiet
Television Tim Allen, Bob Burda
Basketball, Men’s
Staff Liaison John Underwood
Communications Rob Carolla
Championship Directors Tim Allen & John Underwood
Officials Curtis Shaw
Television Tim Allen, John Underwood
Basketball, Women’s
Staff Liaison Dru Hancock
Communications Joni Lehmann
Championship Director Dayna Scherf
Officials Patty Broderick
Television Dru Hancock, Tim Allen
Cross Country, Men’s/Women’s
Staff Liaison Maria Huggins
Communications Lance Gottardy
Staff Liaison Steve Pace, Dayna Scherf
Communications Melissa Katz
Officials Larry Naugle
Staff Liaison Edward Stewart
Bowl Games Tim Weiser, Edward Stewart
Communications & Media Day Bob Burda, Joni Lehmann
Officials Walt Anderson
Television Tim Allen, Edward Stewart
Golf, Men’s & Women’s
Staff Liaison John Underwood (M), Joni Lehmann (W)
Communications Lance Gottardy
Staff Liaison Neesha Quinn
Communications Lance Gottardy
Staff Liaison Dayna Scherf
Communications Melissa Katz
Staff Liaison Keri Mendoza
Communications Rob Carolla
Officials Manny Ortiz
Staff Liaison Dayna Scherf
Communications Lance Gottardy
Officials Lurline Hamilton
Swimming and Diving
Staff Liaison Maria Huggins
Communications Melissa Katz
Tennis, Men’s/Women’s
Staff Liaison Dru Hancock, Maria Huggins
Communications Melissa Katz
Officials Cheryl Jones
Track & Field, Men’s/Women’s (Indoor/Outdoor)
Staff Liaison David Flores
Communications Lance Gottardy
Staff Liaison Dayna Scherf
Communications Laura Rasmussen
Officials Anne Pufahl
Staff Liaison Bob Burda
Communications Melissa Katz
Officials Mike Allen
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