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2009 Big 12 Tennis Championship Quotes - Day 1
April 17, 2009

Headington Tennis Center - Norman, Okla.
Thursday, April 23
Day 1 Quotes

Head coach Nicole Kenneally
On the match:
“We knew we were going to have a good battle on our hands. We had a victory against them in the regular season that was  a really tough, hard-fought win. We knew that that’s what it was going to be today. They definitely played better doubles against us today than they did in the regular season.  The singles was just like that as well.”
On Oklahoma’s facilities:
“The facilities here are great. I think, overall, indoor and outdoor, they are the best in the Big 12 right now.”
On Friday quarterfinals matchup versus Nebraska:
“We’re excited about that. We actually played them on Sunday and lost to them, so we’re looking to rebound from that and advance another round.”
Senior Franziska Jendrian
On the match:
“In singles, I played really well.  I got out there, played my game and adjusted to the wind. It was very close first set. It was very important to get the set and keep going and keep the momentum. That’s what I did and ran with it, basically, and closed it out in the second set.”
On Oklahoma’s facilities:
“They feel like they’re new. They have a lot of grip on them. Running on them is great. There’s not a lot of counting errors. I like them; it’s easy to play on them.”
Head coach Steve Bietau

On the match:
“Disappointing -- is the biggest thing. Colorado handled us pretty well the first time around and we felt like playing outside would help us.  I feel like we’re a better team than when we played them before. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t get much done today.”
On Oklahoma’s facilities:
“Oklahoma’s done a great job. This is one of the premier facilities in the country.  We’re fortunate to have something like this in the Big 12.”

Head coach Blake Starkey

On the match:
“I thought both teams battled really hard. You always get that with Missouri and Kansas, so they really brought it after us hard. We were very fortunate to get the doubles point and then, going into singles, I thought our team really stepped up. We’ve had a couple tough losses lately, so this is a great way to start.  Tomorrow, we’ve got Baylor and that’s going to be a challenge for us. But, today, we’re very happy with what everyone just did.”
On Oklahoma’s facilities:
“The Big 12 Conference office in Dallas always puts on a great tournament. This improvement that Oklahoma has is off the charts. It’s an amazing facility.  The indoor facility added on with the outdoor really makes a big, big difference.  This is probably one of my favorite facilities in the Big 12.”

Sophomore Mallory Weber
On the match:
“We were really pumped to get out here and play our biggest rival in Kansas. For us to go out there and win 4-1 was a big accomplishment and we’re really happy that happened.”

Head coach Amy Hall-Holt

On the match:
“Missouri’s a good team and they won it out. We put it out there and it was a hard-fought match, but Missouri pulled it out at the end.”
On the environment and Oklahoma’s facilities:
“Definitely, its a great environment. The facilities are probably top in the Big 12. It’s great to be here.”

Head coach Julius Lubicz-Majewski

On the match:
“It was tough. We knew it was going to be tough. Iowa State moves a lot and we took that game seriously, take all the girls very seriously. Right now, the Big 12 is very, very tight.  All the matches were close. We expected a tough match. Windy conditions, warm weather -- you could see it was a long match. There was a third set in almost every match.”

On Friday's quarterfinal matchup with Texas A&M:
“It’s going to be tough. Texas A&M plays outside all the time and they play in the winds. I think if our girls are healthy, we’ll give them a hard time. “

On Oklahoma’s facilities:
“I think its beautiful. Congratulations to OU and the athletics director. Beautiful facilities, it’s really nice. It’s good we have facilities like this in Oklahoma and, of course, the Big 12.”

Senior Maryna Tkachenko
On the match:
“We won doubles. I think we won because we speak the same language, so we easily communicate. Unfortunately, we didn’t play as good at the beginning of the season since we just got to know each other. I was ready mentally and physcially for my last Big 12 tournament.

“In singles, I just won the first set. In the second set, I don’t know, just lost control and patience. Third set, I just pulled it out because i heard somebody screaming, ‘we need you, so come on!’”

Head coach Armando Espinosa

On the match:
“I think we fought very hard.  My student-athletes came out and just showed a little more pride in singles than they did in doubles.  Doubles was a little flat.  But, overall, I’m very pleased with how the season went.”

Head coach Todd Petty

On the match:
“It was tough. OU has a superb team, a young team, a talented team. Coming off a 6-1 loss to them a couple days ago, it took everything we had. They pushed it to the brink. Something the girls worked and earned today.”

On the Friday quarterfinal matchup with Texas:
“We played them earlier in the year, lost 4-3. It’s a very, very good team. Always been a good team. We can go out there with the mindset that we have nothing to lose. We’re going to try to suprise somebody tomorrow.”

On Oklahoma’s facilities:
“Top notch. Amazing.  OU and everybody’s done a great job putting this on. You couldn’t ask for a better venue.”

Senior Simone Templeton
On the match:
“It was really tough. I was kind of tired because we came off three pretty hard matches and I had a few losses. It was probably some of the best tennis we’ve played this season. Probably some of the worst. We came out here with something to prove -- that we were still fighting and that we had a lot of pride in our program.

“I think I had a few lucky breaks because tiebreakers are always kind of about a few lucky breaks.  I had some really good coaching and I was told how to return. She was serve and volleying a lot, and that helped a lot, because I think returns are the key to winning a match.”

Head coach David Mullins
On the match:
“Disappointing match today because we played Texas Tech on Sunday and won 6-1. But I expected a much different match today and there were no surprises there. Texas Tech’s a tough team and they’ve been having very similar results to us all year. I really didn’t expect the same thing as Sunday. We had a few opportunities in double we didn’t take advantage of. Once they got the upper hand in doubles, I thought they believed a lot more, came back fighting hard. The matches that we won easily on Sunday were just battles from the very beginning.”

On hosting the Big 12 Tennis Championship :
“Just the convenience of the indoor courts and the outdoor courts together, I think everyone of the coaches said they think its the best facility in the Big 12. That’s a huge honor. It looks fantastic and all the credit is due to the work the OU staff put in.”

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