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2 Big 12 Players Listed as "Break Out" Candidates
July 10, 2012
Wendell Barnhouse is a nationally-known and respected columnist who has spent over 20 years covering collegiate athletics. He has reported from 25 Final Fours and more than three dozen bowl games and has written about the Big 12 and its schools since the conference's beginning. Barnhouse will be updating the Big 12 Insider on happenings and behind-the-scenes information about the conference.

ESPN's Doug Gottlieb wrote about 10 college players he thinks could have break out seasons in 2012-13. Two Big 12 players made the list.

Le'Bryan Nash, Oklahoma State
Nash came in with a ton of hype. The highest-rated player in the state of Texas went to Oklahoma State, telling everyone that he was a one-and-done player. The problem was Nash had no position. He eventually found a home as a face-up 4, but his jumper and decision-making on the perimeter were suspect, his post moves were nonexistent and his demeanor varied based on his play.

Late in the season, he showed flashes of an improved jumper and attitude, which has been bolstered by the arrival of the newest star Cowpoke recruit, Marcus Smart, who is already pushing Nash to compete more in every workout. Nash must continue to be engaged on every play, become a more efficient shooter and declare some sort of position. If he can do those things, with the help of a talented teammate and the motivation that comes from not living up to his personal goals last season, he should be back on draft boards.

Jordan Henriquez, Kansas State
JO, as he is known, is a rim protector deluxe. Henriquez has tremendous timing and hands to block shots on or off the ball, and he keeps his blocks in bounds. Additionally, Henriquez has a decent face-up jumper and can finish off penetration. With the need for NBA teams to protect the rim with long, athletic and rangy big men, Henriquez, if used right, can be that guy.

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