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Remembering The Reason For Memorial Day
May 25, 2012
Wendell Barnhouse is a nationally-known and respected columnist who has spent over 20 years covering collegiate athletics. He has reported from 25 Final Fours and more than three dozen bowl games and has written about the Big 12 and its schools since the conference's beginning. Barnhouse will be updating the Big 12 Insider on happenings and behind-the-scenes information about the conference.

Your Humble Correspondent wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. And let's remember it's not about a three-day weekend, a subsequent four-day work week and backyard barbecues.

Take the time this weekend to reflect and remember those who have served and continue to serve to keep us safe and free. If you know anyone in the military or who has served in the military, let them know that we don't and we shouldn't take their service for granted.

Along those lines, here's a great story from ESPN's Dana O'Neil. Sean Farnham, who was worked as a Big 12 basketball analyst for ESPN, has organized Hoops From Home, a program that will bring free basketball camps coached and run by current and past NBA stars to the children of military personnel living on bases all around the world.

When it comes to honoring and respecting our military, that's what YHC is talkin' about.


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