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UT's Jordan Spieth On His 3rd Round At U.S. Open
June 16, 2012
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Jordan Speith, a freshman on Texas' national championship golf team, is plus 7 through three rounds at the U.S. Open. Here is a portion of the transcribed interview with the media Saturday after Spieth's round of 69 Saturday.

Spieth is the second low amateur. Beau Hossler a 17-year-old junior who has committed to UT, is the low amateur at plus 3, just four shots off the lead.

Q: What is it about the course or setup that makes it so tough?
Spieth: Off the tee, it's the most demanding.  The course is really fast.  Balls are bouncing in the fairway.  And they're severely sloped.  Even though it's an average yardage of 25 yards you're hitting into throughout the course, you really only have ten yards to hit it in. 
You're trying to place a drive out there that's going to carry 275 in a ten yard space.  So everyone is going to miss fairways.  You pick and choose which side you miss it on.  And one it up from there.

Q.  What was your state of the game coming in?  You were kind of struggling, and not happy with sectionals?
Spieth:  I'm kind of going through a little change.  I've been off with my swing for a good two months now.  Been trying to work it back.  I kind of got into some tendencies after taking some time off.  I've been working hard with Cameron, my instructor.  He's been out here.  It's been a struggle off the tee with my longer clubs, trying to shorten my swing and stay back on it.
It's tough to trust when I really only have one ball flight right now.  Especially when you get into a U.S. Open.  You've got to hit it in that area. 

Q.  What do you feel like has compensated for maybe not hitting as well as you'd like?
Spieth: Well, my 3 to 8 footers have been strong this week, and that's what you have to do in a U.S. Open, hang in there.  I've had quite a few par putts, even the 4‑footers that look like they're not that hard on these greens, you've got to be careful about how hard you're hitting them.  They go a certain speed, and then they die, and they roll an extra foot, especially the downhillers, staying patient on my putter and short putts have been going in.

Q.  Have these past four weeks and then sectionals and getting in as an alternate, has that felt like a rush?
Spieth:  Yeah, after NCAA's and sectionals, I didn't think I was going to make it in originally.  Actually in between sectionals and the first round here I'd only practiced three days.  So I'd taken off five in there and that's not exactly typical U.S. Open.  Prep is taking off five days and practicing three in different increments, they weren't even in a row.
Coming in, I wasn't hitting it great.  I didn't hit it great the first couple of rounds, which is fine.  I'm not too mad at that because I'm working on some stuff.  The biggest thing is not to get too down on yourself, because when you do, you make some high numbers.  I'm still going through this tournament with nothing worse than a bogey.  That's pretty special.

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