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Coach Speak
October 10, 2011

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops
“They've been an excellent program for a great number of years with Gary (Patterson). And the proximity for everybody, the fans traveling and the players and their families traveling, it's a win-win for everybody.”

Texas coach Mack Brown
"We thought they were a great choice. I think it fits exactly with what our staff wants. And it's great for the fans because they can drive to Fort Worth very easily and get back. It's great for the parents because they can see another game that their son will play on the road, which is more difficult for people that are playing across the country. And they've proven they're really good in football. Gary Patterson has done a tremendous job ... I'm excited about it."

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy
“I've always thought that if we had teams that exited and departed our league, that TCU would be a great addition with the (Dallas-Fort Worth) market right there. They've competed and won as many games in football as just about anybody in the country over the last three or four years. It won't be an easy opponent for us that have to play them, and they're obviously sitting right there in a very valuable recruiting market. I'm glad they're in our league, and hopefully we'll be able to keep Missouri in and keep this thing going. I would hate to see it dissipate and go away now after all the hard work that so many people put in to keep the league in place.”

Kansas State men's basketball coach Frank Martin
"I'm real excited about the TCU news. Coach Patterson has K-State in his blood and runs a big-time program. Also (men's basketball coach) Jimmy Christian one of the toughest guys in men's basketball. We have our biggest group of alumni in the Dallas-Fort Worth area so it is great for K-State."
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