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Oklahoma To Compete in 2014 NCAA Rowing Championships
May 20, 2014

Fresh off a Big 12 and Conference USA title, the Oklahoma Sooners will travel to the 2014 NCAA Rowing Championship May 30 - June 1 at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis. Oklahoma earned Conference USA's automatic bid to the event.

The team championship is composed of 22 teams. Eleven conferences were awarded automatic qualification and the remaining 11 slots were filled with at-large selections to complete the championship field. Teams qualifying for the championship as an automatic qualifier or as an at-large are required to field two boats of eight rowers and one boat of four rowers. For the I Eights, II Eights and Fours, all 22 boats will be seeded into four heats.

As a team, Oklahoma took the C-USA title with 62 total points, followed by Tennessee with 58 points. Rounding out the top five were Kansas State with 56, Tulsa with 46 and Texas with 44 points.

The title gives OU the automatic berth to the NCAA Championships in two weeks. The trip will be the Sooners' second in program history after placing 17th at last year's event.

Kristin Clift was voted the Conference USA Rower of the Year, pairing the honor with her Big 12 Rower of the Year award earned two weeks ago. OU has now claimed every rower of the year award from both conferences each of the last three seasons; Clift joins Nikki Furmanek as the only two Sooners to win both in the same season.

Automatic Qualifiers:
Boston U. (Patriot League)
Jacksonville (Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference)
Louisville (American Athletic Conference)
Massachusetts (Atlantic 10 Conference)
Northeastern (Colonial Athletic Conference)
Ohio State (Big Ten Conference)
OKLAHOMA (Conference USA)
Princeton (The Ivy League)
San Diego (West Coast Conference)
Stanford (Pac-12 Conference)
Virginia (Atlantic Coast Conference)

At-Large Selections:
Notre Dame
Washington State

The seeding for each boat classification is as follows:

I Eights
1. Ohio State
2. Stanford
3. Princeton
4. Brown
5. Washington
6. California
7. Virginia
8. Michigan
9. USC
10. Notre Dame
11. UCLA
12. Indiana
13. Harvard
14. Washington State
15. Wisconsin
16. Louisville
17. San Diego
19. Northeastern
20. Massachusetts
21. Boston U.
22. Jacksonville

II Eights
1. Brown
2. Stanford
3. Ohio State
4. Virginia
6. California
7. Princeton
8. Michigan
9. Washington
10. Notre Dame
11. Indiana
12. Washington State
13. USC
14. Harvard
15. Louisville
16. Wisconsin
17. San Diego
19. Northeastern
20. Boston U.
21. Massachusetts
22. Jacksonville

1. Brown
2. Virginia
3. Ohio State
4. Stanford
5. Washington
6. Wisconsin
7. California
8. Princeton
9. Michigan
10. Harvard
11. Notre Dame
12. Washington State
13. Indiana
14. Louisville
15. UCLA
16. San Diego
17. USC
18. Northeastern
20. Boston U.
21. Massachusetts
22. Jacksonville

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