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Lyons Named to NCAA Division I Council
March 05, 2018

West Virginia University Director of Athletics/Associate Vice-President Shane Lyons has been named to the NCAA Division I Council.

“I appreciate Commissioner Bob Bowlsby’s confidence in nominating me to represent the Big 12 Conference on the NCAA Division I Council,” Lyons said. “As everyone knows, this is a very important time for collegiate athletics, and I look forward to serving with the other members to make the collegiate experience even better for thousands of student-athletes.

“I also look forward to reengaging with the governing process. With my early background in governance and compliance, I have spent a lot a time in this area, and I look forward to these added responsibilities.”

The Division I Council is a high-level group responsible for the day-to-day decision-making for Division I. The council is comprised of practitioners who work daily in Division I athletics, and it has primary legislative authority for Division I.  

The Committee develops and debates new and past ideas and recommends whether they should be introduced as pieces of legislation. Athletic directors, athletic administrators, senior women administrators, faculty athletics representatives and student-athletes serve on the Council. Every Division I conference is represented on the Council, and its work is subject to review by the NCAA Board of Directors, which monitors the legislation to ensure it does not conflict with the division’s policies and goals.

The Council is comprised of 40 members, including a representative from each of the 32 Division I conferences. Lyons’ appointment will start July 1, 2018, and will mark the second time he has been appointed to the council as he previously served on it while associate commissioner of the ACC.

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