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Preseason Rankings Announced by Oracle/ITA
September 13, 2017

Twenty-six individuals and 15 doubles teams represent the Big 12 in the 2017 Oracle/ITA preseason rankings. The women earned 14 singles nods, while 12 were named to the men’s singles list.

The women’s singles rankings included three in the top-25, led by No. 2 Gabriela Talaba (TTU), who earned 2017 Big 12 Women’s Tennis Player of the Year. Texas Tech led the Big 12 women with four individuals ranked. Seven women’s doubles teams were recognized in the poll as well, including three in the top-25.

On the men’s side, 12 singles were ranked including six in the top-26, while 75 percent (six of eight) of the doubles teams receiving honors were rated in the top-28. Alex Rybakov (TCU) earned the top spot of Big 12 men's singles, coming in at No. 12. The 2017 NCAA Men’s Tennis Division I Doubles Champion, Spencer Papa (OU) is rated at No. 20 with Jake van Emburgh.

Women's Singles Men's Singles
2. Gabriela Talaba, Texas Tech 12. Alex Rybakov, TCU
19. Lily Miyazaki, Oklahoma 15. Christian Sigsgaard, Texas
24. Bianca Turati, Texas 16. Specer Papa, Oklahoma
27. Felicity Maltby, Texas Tech 18. Julian Cash, Oklahoma State
35. Anastasia Rychagova, Kansas 22. Harrison Scott, Texas
39. Petra Granic, Texas 26. Yuya Ito, Texas
80. Marie Norris, TCU 40. Johannes Schretter, Baylor
81. Sofia Blanco, Oklahoma State 45. Bjorn Thomson, Texas Tech
101. Sabrina Federici, Texas Tech 68. Jimmy Bendeck, Baylor
113. Katarina Stresnakova, Oklahoma State 86. Leonardo Telles, Texas
118. Donika Bashota, TCU 98. Connor Curry, Texas
120. Alex Valenstein, Texas Tech 112. Tristan Meraut, Oklahoma State
122. Aleksandra Zenovka, TCU
125. Anna Turati, Texas

Women's Doubles Men's Doubles
8. Sara Dvorak/Sabrina Federici, Texas Tech 10. Connor Curry/Bjorn Thomson, Texas Tech
15. Vladica Babic/Sofia Blanco, Oklahoma State 17. Alex Rybakov/Guillermo Nunez, TCU
21. Gabriela Talaba/Felicity Maltby, Texas Tech 19. Will Little/Johannes Schretter, Baylor
35. Donika Bashota/Aleksa Cveticanin, TCU 20. Spencer Papa/Jake van Emburgh, Oklahoma
37. Nina Khmelnitckaia/Anastasia Rychagova, Kansas 25. Julian Cash/Luke Hammond, Oklahoma State
45. Petra Granic/Bojana Markovic, Texas 28. Reese Stalder/Alastair Gray, TCU
50. Despoina Vogasari/Janet Koch, Kansas 41. Jimmy Bendeck/Bjoern Petersen, Baylor
57. Yuya Ito/Adrian Ortiz, Texas
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