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Texas Claims Third-Straight Big 12 Rowing Championship
May 14, 2017

After sweeping all five races, the Texas Longhorns are the 2017 Big 12 Rowing Champions. In addition, UT claimed the conference's automatic qualifying bid to compete in the NCAA Championship. This marks Texas' third-straight title and seventh crown in nine years.

The Longhorns dominated the field, claiming 137 points in the Big 12 standings and 48 points in the automatic qualifying standings. Oklahoma checked in second with 113 Big 12 points and 41 AQ points. Kansas State, Kansas and West Virginia rounded out the conference competition with 92, 74 and 49 points, respectively.

Tennessee posted a third place finish in the automatic qualifying with 35 points, while Alabama, Kansas State and Kansas picked up 28, 25 and 21 points, respectively. Old Dominion and West Virginia tied for seventh place with nine AQ points each.

UT placed first in the First Eight, Second Eight, First Four, Second Four and Third Eight. Oklahoma snagged the silver in the First Eight, Second Eight and Second Four while Alabama took second in the First Four and Third Eight.

Kansas State picked up a bronze in the Third Eight. The Crimson Tide placed third in the Second Four, while Tennessee snagged bronze in the First Eight and Second Eight. The Sooners rounded out the medalists with a third place finish in the First Four. 

In addition, six Longhorns, five Sooners, three Volunteers, two Crimson Tide, and a representative from Kansas, Kansas State, Old Dominion and West Virginia were named to the All-Big 12 Rowing team.

Next, Big 12 squads learn their NCAA fate during the Division I Rowing Championship selection show on Tuesday, May 16 at 4 p.m. CT.


 Big 12 Rowing Championship Team Scores

  1. Texas - 137
  2. Oklahoma - 113
  3. Kansas State - 92
  4. Kansas - 74
  5. West Virginia - 49


Big 12 Rowing Automatic Qualifying Team Scores

  1. Texas - 48
  2. Oklahoma - 41
  3. Tennessee - 35
  4. Alabama - 28
  5. Kansas State - 25
  6. Kansas - 21
  7. Old Dominion - 9
  8. West Virginia - 9


2017 All-Big 12 Rowing Team

Nicole Lane, Alabama
Jennifer Parker, Alabama
Kaelyn Thierolf, Kansas
Noelle Dykmann, Kansas State
Francesca Bratt, Oklahoma
Nicasia D'Allesandro, Oklahoma
Carlijin Hutter, Oklahoma
Kalie Heffernan, Oklahoma
Abby Lange, Oklahoma
Tayler Phy, Old Dominion
Pari Baker, Tennessee
Anneta Kyridou, Tennessee
Chandler Frumin, Tennessee
Shannon Berry, Texas
Gia Doonan, Texas
Emily Froehlich, Texas
Ljiljana Josic, Texas
Pippa Loveard, Texas
Mariam Soufi, Texas
Louisa Morgan, West Virginia

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